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Created on: 18 May 2021 05:51
Category: Grid
Type: Bug Report
Virtual Scroll with grouping skip and cache are not correct
  • Bug report

Current behavior

  1. With the default code in the example, when first scrolling the skip is not accurate. If the grid is scrolled extremely slowly, you can see the skip is not incremented at first. If scrolling quickly, it is very jumpy.

  2. The faster you attempt to scroll, the stranger the skip behavior becomes unlike with simply removing the grouping grid prop in the same example. I've been able to get into situations it in the provided StackBlitz by scrolling down and scrolling back up quickly where it hangs on row counts and where it will scroll past the 0 indexed row causing an empty grid, then scrolling down again with either jump with a large skip number or sometimes throw an error.

  3. Possibly provide more flexibility to the scenario

Expected behavior

skip and cache are working correctly