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Created on: 09 Apr 2021 07:35
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Hi. I would like to share  my experience and thought of Kendo for Vue.

I still like and am using Kendo for Vue but here is my feedback :)

I reviewed the Kendo Vue version and made a purchase.
However, as a result of evaluating, there are some areas that are a bit disappointing.
It seemed that there were most of the templates that could be used in jQuery.
Checking with the Vue version, most of the examples and event handling are not written, and there are much information that I have to go and check with jQuery version.
If it is enough description and information about Direct code that can use examples and event handling in Vue version
in detail on the site, it would be much easier to use.

Thank you.

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Posted on: 16 Apr 2021 07:29

Hi Jeong,

Thank you for your constructive feedback! We will consider the documentation update with more general examples and demos of the different events' handling. 

Talking about the mentioned jQuery templates, as our Kendo UI for Vue Wrapper suite is based on Kendo UI for jQuery,  I can confirm that there is a code that can be applied both to Kendo UI for Vue Wrappers and Kendo UI for jQuery suites.  

As an alternative to the Wrapper components, we have the Kendo UI for Vue Native suite. We are aware that the number of the Native components is smaller than the Wrapper ones. What I can assure you is that we are working on new Native components. With the next planned releases, we will present new Native alternatives.  

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