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Created on: 19 Feb 2021 21:36
Category: Kendo UI® for Vue
Type: Feature Request
Wrong data is saved in Vue Kendo Spreadsheet when a column is sorted

I'm submitting a bug report

Current behavior

When you sort a column in the spreadsheet, enter data, and then trigger the data source's sync method, the data source will send incorrect data to it's transport function. It acts as if you entered data and the columns haven't been sorted yet.

Expected behavior

The data source should take into account column sorting for keeping track of changes.

Minimal reproduction of the problem with instructions

  1. Open this sample code
  2. Once the page loads, sort the first ("ID") column from Z to A.
  3. Enter any value in the empty C2 cell (should be the row with ID = 3)
  4. Click the "SAVE" button at the top to call the data source's sync() method.
  5. Look at the console output, which shows what the data source has tracked as changed. (options.data.updated)
  6. Observe that the value of options.data.updated shows that the row with ID = 1 has been updated, rather than the row with ID = 3, which is shown in the UI.


Apologies if I have misunderstood how the data source is suppose to work.


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Posted on: 26 Feb 2021 13:46

Hi Zach,

The reported behavior is a limitation in the Spreadsheet's implementation when the component is used with datasource binding. The limitation is related to the Spreadsheet's usage with dataSource binding + sorting or filtering.

Your report is not considered a bug but as a product improvement. This is why I've changed the type of the issue to a Feature request. Based on the votes the request collects, we may consider the implementation of the discussed improvement. 

Let me know if you have additional questions related to the current thread.

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