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Created on: 04 Sep 2019 12:35
Category: Grid
Type: Bug Report
Native Grid: Grouping by column breaks Grid layout when a cell template is applied

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  • Bug report

Current behavior

When there is a custom cell template applied to a column in the Grid(Native), using the grouping functionality breaks Grid's layout

Expected behavior

The Grid's layout shouldn't be affected if we apply a custom cell template

Minimal reproduction of the problem with instructions

  1. Open this StackBlitz project
  2. See that the values in the ProductName column are bolded, but Grid's layout is broken
  3. Remove the cell template definition on line 54 by removing the cell property.
  4. Run the project again and see how if we don't apply a cell template, Grid's layout is being displayed correctly


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Posted on: 29 Sep 2020 06:58


For such Grouping scenarios we need you use a bit more complicated template so that the Grid is working correctly as for example it is shown in our Cell Template with Grouping demo.

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Posted on: 05 Sep 2019 06:34

Hello Larry,

Thank you for reporting the bug!

Based on its impact, it will enter our development queue and will be fixed. I cannot say when exactly the fix will be presented. You can follow the current thread and thus once there are updates in it, you will be notified about them. 

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