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Created on: 13 Feb 2023 18:03
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kendo-theme-bootstrap math.div
I saw this bug was suppose to be fixed in kendo-theme-bootstrap 6.0.0 however I'm running 6.1.0 and I'm still getting this warning. with sass and vite

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Ivan Zhekov
Posted on: 15 Feb 2023 14:45

Hello, Randee.

I should note, that what you are describing is not a bug. At some point in time, the sass theme decided to deprecate slash division. So this is just a warning.

Still, we had many slash divisions and it did give plenty of warnings, so we targeted all of them to either use a function or calc expressions -- The function in question is "k-math-div" and that's the only place where we have slash division.

To properly target that last warning, we need to drop support for node-sass. Then and only then we can remove that last warning by switching from slash division to math.div (but keeping the name of the function the same). That last bit, is actually a huge bit, because it requires us to rewrite all the themes from @import syntax to @use syntax.

We are taking steps in the right direction with but we need to do a lot more, before we get there. Also, it will require several breaking changes of the themes.

I am marking the issue as completed, because we fixed all but one warning -- the one inside k-math-div function. Unfortunately, we cannot replace that last bit with calc expression because we need real compile time math to correctly calculate contrast ratio between colors --

Ivan Zhekov
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