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React Server Components allow the developer to mix the fast server-side rendering with the interactivity of client-side JavaScript. 

So far modern JS frameworks were explicitly operating on the client (with SSR being an optional feature). With server-components it's the opposite - RS Cs introduce a new mental model for building hybrid applications that leverage both the server and the client.

The main advantages of the React Server Components are that:

  • Initial page load is faster;
  • You can move the data fetching to the server;
  • You can keep the large dependencies on the server;
  • The client-side JavaScript bundle size is reduced;
    In Development
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    Title basically says it all. Issue can be easily observed in the basic Multiselect with virtualization example:

    1. Open the dropdown
    2. Scroll to the bottom end
    3. Close the dropdown
    4. Open it again - popup's scroll position is incorrect and therefore shows blank.

    What seems strange is that I cannot reproduce this issue with the combobox virtualization, although I found a somewhat similar bug submitted for the combobox -