Last Updated: 23 Oct 2020 17:07 by Brendan
Created by: Chris
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Type: Feature Request

Within the jQuery samples, there is a way to have the MonthView for Scheduler to have 'adaptive' height.


Is this available for the <MonthView> part of the REACT components ?   How would this work ??     [adaptiveSlotHeight=true] isn't valid... 


The same issue exists for the 'autoeventheight' - is this planned for the REACT component/s ??


Last Updated: 19 Oct 2020 05:07 by ADMIN

Add hideAfter prop to the Notification component.

This will allow controlling when the notification will be hidden.

Last Updated: 28 Sep 2020 07:06 by ADMIN


I have Scheduler vertical timeline with an user group and more users I add the wider is every slot.  Example 2 users https://stackblitz.com/edit/react-dttghr?file=app%2Fmain.jsx . Example 4 users https://stackblitz.com/edit/react-dttghr-a3nor3 the slot is double in width in comparation with 2 users. Can I control this somehow?

Last Updated: 31 Jul 2020 06:31 by ADMIN
Created by: Dan
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Type: Feature Request

I am looking for added support for multi drag and drop and the ability to select multiple days as this is available in the jquery version:


Last Updated: 27 Jul 2020 07:21 by ADMIN

With the ArcGauge component, when you set the rangeLineCap to something other than 'butt' (ie:  round or square), the indicator does not line up with the tick lines.  This leads to misleading values.  Please look at this StackBlitz:




This will show the comparison between round and butt rangeLineCaps. 

From the screenshot as well, the ArcGauge on the right looks like the value is greater than 0, resulting in the user being mislead on the result.

Last Updated: 29 Jun 2020 07:22 by ADMIN
Add floating labels on the DatePicker and DateTimePicker.
Last Updated: 11 Jun 2020 10:09 by ADMIN
Created by: Chaz
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Type: Feature Request

I've noticed in your other products, the dropdownlists have a property that allows for grouping sets of data. 

What would it take to get that included in Kendo UI React?

We have a use case that this would be very helpful.


Last Updated: 20 May 2020 13:36 by ADMIN
Created by: Fabio
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Type: Feature Request

I would like to request the data-query package support filtering on OData collections using lamdba functions. Given a Collection with the existing operators, the filter string outputted by `toODataString` should be OData v4 compliant.


Example: Project is a collection. A user filters to see all General projects which outputs { field: 'Project', operator: 'eq', value: 'General' }.


Recommendation: Supply another key that dictates the lamdba operator and property field to use.

{ field: 'Project', operator: 'eq', value: 'General', lambda: 'any', collectionField: 'Name' } -> $filter=Project/any(x:x/Name eq 'General')


The above can work with inner functions like contains.

{ { field: 'Project', operator: 'contains', value: 'gen', ignoreCase: true, lambda: 'any', collectionField: 'Name' } -> $filter=Project/any(x:contains(tolower(x/Name),'gen'))

Last Updated: 24 Apr 2020 04:55 by ADMIN
AutoComplete focused item is not set correctly if the items are with different height.

Currently, it is required to have the same height for the items, but this can be very hard in cases when the items are dynamic with various height.
Last Updated: 30 Mar 2020 06:19 by ADMIN
Currently the GridColumn Component only supports width property.  It should also support minWidth and maxWidth properties for better responsive design.  https://www.telerik.com/kendo-react-ui/components/grid/api/GridColumnProps/
Last Updated: 02 Mar 2020 12:49 by ADMIN
Created by: Rogelio
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Type: Feature Request

Currently, ComboBox generates a UUID and uses it as the input tag's id property (e.g. <input id="2e048165-6468-46c0-ba39-c47b12c7fcf2" />).


As a developer, I want to be able to set my own custom id so that I can set my own label tag as a sibling to the ComboBox component.


For example, I would like this to be possible:

<label for="hello">Hello World</label>
<ComboBox id="hello" />


There is a label prop offered on ComboBox which works fine but it does not let me specify the label tag with custom class names, styling, etc.


This new id prop should be optional and ComboBox can keep using the same technique it does when no id prop is passed to it.


Last Updated: 18 Feb 2020 10:41 by ADMIN
Created by: Ayaad
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Type: Feature Request
We like to have an option on the component to overlap: true/false where the user can add appointments when the appointment overlaps with a previous, the user will see a message warning him of conflict data and time when he tries to Save on Add/Edit
Last Updated: 31 Jan 2020 15:26 by ADMIN
Created by: Chris
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Type: Feature Request

When adding an item (or editing an item) - it would be great to have the ability to customise the UI - for the dialog box.

This is for a component being included in a Dynamics365 view - using the PowerApps Component Framework.

Even if we had a 'double click' event - and then I could re-direct to the specific page/entity for editing.

For now - the 'default' dialog for edit doesn't work for what we need...

Last Updated: 28 Jan 2020 10:15 by ADMIN

Our old application uses ASP.NET MVC Scheduler component which has GroupHeaderTemplate features to customize header rendering and add customization for following two functional features.

We are migrating applications to React. It seems like React Scheduler does not support GroupHeaderTemplate. We need the following two capabilities on custom rendering:

1. Customize rendering of resource group header & cell for vertical orientation of groups.

2. In the case of multiple groups, need the ability to make groups collapsible/hierarchical (like tree view nodes)


Need Terlik's guidance to achieve these two customizations on Kendo React Scheduler.



Last Updated: 28 Jan 2020 10:14 by ADMIN

Hi Team,

     I am looking for PickList  / duallist component but I am not getting it on kendo UI

   Through this list we can move items from one list to another and vice versa.

    Using buttons ,left,right,rightAll,LeftAll,Up,Down etc    like  "react-dual-list"  component

   In addition to that i want drag and drop feature to be enabled between the list

 Can someone please help me to fine such component on Kendo UI

Last Updated: 18 Dec 2019 11:32 by ADMIN
Created by: J
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Type: Feature Request
Is there any prop so that I can trigger another event on press of cancel button on KendoCalender.
Last Updated: 18 Dec 2019 07:24 by ADMIN
Created by: iConect Developer - Mike
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Type: Feature Request

This support ticket is a feature request for a React version of the DropDownTree component: https://demos.telerik.com/kendo-ui/dropdowntree/index

For now I've hacked together something using a span styled like the collapsed DropDownTree, a React Popup and a React TreeView.  It would be great if this control could be adapted for React and added to the dropdowns package.  Unless there is an easy way to accomplish this using the React Dropdown and the React Treeview?

Last Updated: 18 Dec 2019 06:58 by ADMIN
Created by: iConect Developer - Mike
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Type: Feature Request

Add render prop for the SplitButton.

This will allow changing the main button and also the button that opens the DropDownList.

Last Updated: 22 Nov 2019 07:11 by ADMIN
Created by: Hugo
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Type: Feature Request

I would like to know if there are any Kendo React components to suit Bottom navigation functionality as per Material Design

Thanks in advance,
Last Updated: 21 Nov 2019 10:35 by ADMIN

Hi Guys,

In GridProps for KendoReact Grid there is an error in the type information:

Found here: https://www.telerik.com/kendo-react-ui/components/grid/api/GridProps/#toc-rowrender

In the GridProps.d.ts file it is:

     * Fires when a row is about to be rendered. Overrides the default appearance of the row.
    rowRender?: (row: React.ReactElement<HTMLTableRowElement>, props: GridRowProps) => React.ReactNode;

This should be changed to:

rowRender?: (row: React.ReactElement<React.HtmlProps<HTMLTableRowElement>>, props: GridRowProps) => React.ReactNode;


Note that the React.ReactElement definition is:

    interface ReactElement<P = any, T extends string | JSXElementConstructor<any> = string | JSXElementConstructor<any>> {
        type: T;
        props: P;
        key: Key | null;


So the first type parameter should be the props typ.

I noted this while making use of it. After changing it it behaves sensibly. Worked around in my case by using 'as any' to void the type clash.



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