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Test Environment:
OS version: 22H2 (OS Build 25272. 1000)
Edge Dev Version: Version 111.0.1633.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit)

Pre- requisites: 
Open Settings -> Accessibility -> Contrast Themes -> Select Aquatic/Desert modes.

  1. Open the above URL and login with valid credentials.
  2. Now check some checkboxes (e.g., Bold, Underline, Insert ordered list, etc.)
  3. Now apply high contrast themes and try to differentiate between the checked and unchecked checkboxes. 

Actual Result:

Unable to distinguish between the checked and unchecked checkboxes in high contrast Aquatic/Desert themes.

Expected Result:
User should be able to distinguish between the checked and unchecked checkboxes in high contrast themes also. 

User Impact:

Users with low vision who rely on high contrast will not be able to distinguish between the checked and unchecked checkboxes in high contrast Aquatic/Desert themes.

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    Created by: Kavitha
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    Type: Bug Report
    1. open using valid credentials.
    2. Navigate to any article link and hit enter.
    3. Select 'reply' button.
    4. Navigate to 'format' list and invoke it.
    5. Now Run the fast pass using Accessibility Insights for web and observe the failure 'aria input field name'.

    Actual Result:
    Aria input field doesn’t have an accessible name.

    Control type is defined incorrectly as list item for combo box for 'format' combo box.

    Expected Result:
    Ensure every aria input field should have an accessible name.
    Control type should be defined as combo box.

    User Impact:
    ARIA widget roles require additional attributes that describe the state of the widget. If a required attribute is not provided, the state of the widget will not be communicated to screen reader users.
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    I would like to add two tables side by side in Telerik Editor two tables side-by-side like I would in google docs for ex:

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    Created by: Ahmed
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    Type: Feature Request
    I would like to be able to move tables inside Telerik Editor using (mouse) drag and drop like I do in Google Docs
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    I'd like to know if the contents can be shown in Editor when I upload an MS word file instead of copying and pasting.

    This is a process of uploading an MS Word file on the Kendo Editor.

    1) A user uploads an MS Word file

    2) get contents from the MS Word file and show it on the Kendo Editor