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Created by: Vitaliy
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I have two Menus and I need to customize their popups differently. Can I specify somehow Menu Popup id or className?

As I can see Popup component has className property, but it is hard-coded in MenuItemInternal.prototype.getPopupClassName and neither Menu nor MenuItem classes are used in popup.

Any suggestions?



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Created by: Spencer
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Is it possible to set Authorization headers when using a proxy with the kendo-file-saver saveAs function? The controller method I am trying to use as the proxy is protected by JWT Bearer token authorization. 
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Created by: Ali
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i am using KendoReact Drawdom version 1.5.12

I have some input elements for uploading images, and showing the a preview of uploaded image.

I want to export a PDF version of the form, but drawDom.cloneNodes() throws an exception when handling input elements of type file. that is because these type of input elements can not have value attribute.