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Hello there,

So, I am creating component that uses AutoComplete and I have one question. Do you think you can include some sort of onSelect event when we actually change the value of component from one of the list in the popup? For now, I introduced itemRender function that renders custom item in the popup list and that item have onClick event which is the function that I call when some item is clicked from the list, but for example I don't have support when I press Enter keyboard. In my opinion it would be logical to have some sort of onSelect event that would cover this problem - in that case I don't need to have additional logic for clicking item in the popup.



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At the moment, in order to see the suggestion list display you need to enter at least one-character prefix. It would be useful to have an API property that would allow passing an integer value to configure the length which would make the list appear. For example, if you set the value to 3, you would get no suggestions until you entered a three-character prefix. On the other hand, if the value was set to 0, a click on the selector would be enough to see all of them.

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Wojciech Wąs