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Created by: Kirill
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Existing implementation of Scheduler component has a very limited customization support. To cover some real use-cases we need:

  1. Conditionally hide Scheduler Header and Footer. This is possible with CSS, but still makes sense to have props for that.
  2. Customize tooltip content when hovering on the event. Currently tooltip is a one line text, but adding support of a larger popups on hover would allow to show additional info associated with that event. Please consider adding a prop to pass custom component for tooltip/popup rendering (similar to how Custom cells work in Kendo Grid)
  3. Customize event component. Is there a way to have multiline text in the event component? Currently it is way to limited to show custom content e.g. adding custom icons is impossible.
  4. All events in the same group have a same color when displaying. Please consider adding individual color support for each event. This would help to support error states for events.
  5. Custom onDelete/onDoubleClick handlers. We would like to have custom implementation of Delete confirmation and Edit form.

Please advise on how to overcome those limitations as a short term solution and consider adding more Scheduler customization abilities to your Roadmap.

Example of highly configurable Scheduler/Timeline component:

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Created by: Vitaliy
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I have two Menus and I need to customize their popups differently. Can I specify somehow Menu Popup id or className?

As I can see Popup component has className property, but it is hard-coded in MenuItemInternal.prototype.getPopupClassName and neither Menu nor MenuItem classes are used in popup.

Any suggestions?



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Please add an Encoded Prop to the GridColumn for KendoReact that works like the "encoded" property on columns in the jQuery version to allow us to pass unencoded Html to the cells of our KendoReact Grids. Thanks so much for any assistance in this matter!
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Created by: Hugo
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I would like to know if there are any Kendo React components to suit Bottom navigation functionality as per Material Design

Thanks in advance,
Last Updated: 21 Nov 2019 15:30 by Ruslan


I would like to request for the filter component to be supported in the KendoReact suite as it is in the ASP.NET Core UI suite.

One aspect is the hierarchical structure which can support complex filter scenarios but also the support to persist state of a set of filters.

Thank you

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Created by: Ruslan
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From the last conversation through the webinar

jQuery Filter looks cool! What about Kendo React Filter?


Right now we do not have a KendoReact Filter component, but feel free to drop us a line in our feedback portal and we will consider implementing it.

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I have a request that for some tables the user needs arrows to be able to scroll left and right horizontally through the grid content. Is there a functionality like this provided out of the box by Kendo Grid, can you please point me to the docs or provide an example? I have provided an image to reflect this.

Thank you,


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There was an error calling “ chart.surface.redraw() ” 


  onRender = (args,mapValues,stackedOrderBy) => {              
        const chart =;      

        const valueAxis = chart.findAxisByName("valueAxis");
        const categoryAxis = chart.findAxisByName("categoryAxis");

        if (!chart) return;        

           let x= 1;
            if( stackedOrderBy!="Ascending")

            let axis = categoryAxis.options;

            axis.categories = axis.categories.sort(function (a, b) {
                if (mapValues[a] < mapValues[b]) {
                return -1*x;
                if (mapValues[a] > mapValues[b]) {
                return 1*x;

                return 0;


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Created by: Chaz
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Type: Feature Request

I've noticed in your other products, the dropdownlists have a property that allows for grouping sets of data. 

What would it take to get that included in Kendo UI React?

We have a use case that this would be very helpful.


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Last Updated: 15 Nov 2019 13:45 by ADMIN


Is it possible to define where the dropdown container (i.e. k-list-container) is appended in the DOM?

By default it is appended at the bottom of the body but I'd like to define where it is appended.

The reason why I need to do this is because I'm using the KendoReact components in a WebComponent (custom element) which is hosted in a shadow-dom for isolation.
The styles are also only loaded within the shadow-dom and are therfore not applied to content on the outside. 

The issue is that the kendo dropdown container is appended outside of the shadow-dom and the scope of the kendo styles.
The dropdownlist component is styled correctly but the dropdown part that is appended to body is not styled.

I've solved this with other components (i.e. modal window) by defining where I want the the container appended with the createPortal method in React.

          <ModalOverlay />
        document.getElementsByTagName('custom-element').length > 0
          ? document.getElementsByTagName('custom-element')[0].shadowRoot

          : document.body



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Created by: Spencer
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Type: Feature Request
Is it possible to set Authorization headers when using a proxy with the kendo-file-saver saveAs function? The controller method I am trying to use as the proxy is protected by JWT Bearer token authorization. 
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                    style={{ height: '400px', width: '500px' }}
                    <Column field="ProductID" title="ID" width="45px" locked />
                    <Column field="ProductName" title="Name" width="250px" />
                    <Column field="Category.CategoryName" title="CategoryName" />
                    <Column field="UnitPrice" title="Price" width="90px" />
                    <Column field="UnitsInStock" title="In stock" width="90px" />
                    <Column field="UnitsOnOrder" title="On order" width="90px" />
                    <Column field="Discontinued" width="120px" locked={true} />
                    <Column field="QuantityPerUnit" title="Additional details" width="250px" />
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How to select  cells in the KendoReact Grid, Not row selection
Last Updated: 07 Nov 2019 09:31 by ADMIN

I'd really like a KeepIt prop on so that the action stays even when someone is typing or there is another message below it.

The use case would be a link to a Order # for example that they could go back to and click.

Example of how this works with react-native-gifted-chat:

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Created by: Ruslan
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Type: Feature Request


I have a request to add a ListView control to a React Pure control package.


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Release 3.5.0
Created by: n/a
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We need to create a DateTime Picker with max and min limit on Date and also Time.

Currently, the range works as of 22/09/2019 5:30 AM to 21/09/2020 5:30 PM, where complete 24 hrs is been selectable.

We need the time range to be restricted per day. For instance, in the above example, it should be 5:30 AM to 5:30 PM per day from 22/09/2019 till 22/09/2020.


Thanks in advance.

Last Updated: 18 Oct 2019 11:48 by ADMIN
Create a function callback for the Upload saveUrl.
This will allow for more flexibility when making requests.
Last Updated: 18 Oct 2019 10:56 by ADMIN
Created by: Antonios
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Type: Feature Request

Please add toolbar support in the react conversationalui, just like it exists in the jQuery chat component.

We need in our projects a way to add custom action buttons, besides the simple "send" message.

Ie. attach files/images to a message, open emoji picker, etc.

Last Updated: 17 Oct 2019 09:29 by ADMIN
Created by: Lauren
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Type: Feature Request

When using the Editor tools from, the hyperlink option is disabled until I type AND select the typed text in the editor. Because the hyperlink allows for a title and a link, I believe it should not be disabled.

Also, when adding the hyperlink and title, the title does not appear in the editor

For example:
I have an empty editor with no text.

I cannot click the hyperlink option - it is disabled. (Bug 1)

I type 'hey' into the editor and highlight it (select it).

I can now click on the hyperlink option.
I type in '' for the Web Address.

I type in 'Oscar' for the title. (It does not matter if I click open in new window or not).

Click Insert.

The title 'Oscar' does not appear in the editor. (Bug 2)

The editor still contains the word 'hey' and links you to '' 

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