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Created by: SIGMA
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Hello! Can you please add functionality to the choice of milliseconds in the DateTimePicker component?
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Created by: Vova
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Hello, I need to set different styles for each agenda row based on row data. I see that I can define custom slot and task component but nothing about the row. 
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Created by: Leo
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Hi Telerik,

Is there a component or property similar to "CheckBoxGroup" for Kendo React, to enable checkbox implementation like "Select all"?
E.g. https://demos.telerik.com/aspnet-mvc/checkboxgroup

Thank you and Regards,
Leo Emmanuel E. de Guzman
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What we need is an ability to get all the field keys automatically from the form whether they're filled or not.

As a short example, if we have fields name, email and description on the form, when the user fills name and email, but leave description blank, the form doesn't send description key, only name and email keys.

But the API where we send the data expects all the keys be present. The values can be empty or null.

What Form sends: {name: "example name", email: "email@example.com" }

What we would like to send: {name: "example name", email: "email@example.com", description: can be null or empty string, but the key should be present}

It can be done via initialValues object, but it's quite troublesome when we have very long form with many fields.

Br, Miika
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Created by: Kelvin
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Hi support,

I would like to know what's the best way to set the modal dialog to the bottom of the page, and add animation for it to slide up to open and slide down to close.


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Created by: Gokul
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Hope you are doing good.


We have requirement that, there are some cards (Each cards are separate component like chart, grid, etc). Also have separate multiple grids like 2*2, 4*4. We need to drag the cards and drop it in any of the grid. 


For your ref, the feature is somewhat like this https://demos.telerik.com/kendo-ui/cards/drag-and-drop .


Please let me the example. Also revert me if you have any doubts.




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Our customers use case would require multiple tasks on same row in the Gantt diagram. Is this possible to implement somehow by customizing the Gantt diagram? Customer feels having each task on its own row wastes vertical space since the tasks are usually back to back.

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We have implemented an editable Scheduler, and we need to make a development related to the selection of events within the calendar. We need support to know how to consult the events that are selected, and how to detect selection changes in these, in order to mantain a list of "active selections".

We are not able to find where is stored the information about which events are selected. We have found information about overloading the Scheduler prop editItem with a CustomEditItem and overriding this event to detect when a task is selected.

  const handleClickAction = (event) => [
      type: event.syntheticEvent.shiftKey
        : ITEMS_SELECT_ACTION.select,

With this we could detect when a certain event is selected. But we are still missing the part about when they are unselected. If we click outside the events, we get the selection removed, but we have no way to detect the event of this, and therefore we can't update our list of selections.

Can you give us support on how we can get the information about the selections, and keep it updated at all times? Thank you,

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In other Kendo Grid libraries, the grid columns auto set their widths depending on the content in the column. This feature is not available in KendoReact, can it be added?
Last Updated: 21 Sep 2021 10:21 by ADMIN

It should have the following functionalities:

Please add the “add widget” functionality as the jQuery version has.
Please add the “remove widget” functionality as the jQuery version has.


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Created by: Grant
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Hi Team, 

I have the following Feature Request:


### Current Behavior
When the 'disabled' attribute is true for a TreeView node, the entire node is disabled, preventing the user from selecting, expanding and checking.


### Desired Behavior
To be able to specify what functionality of the node to disable, select and/or expand and/or check or all.


### Use case

1) A TreeView displays a list of Countries that when;
1.1) expanded, displays a list of provinces as items.
1.2) selected, filters a list of cities in a different component by the selected node (country or province)
1.3) checked, indicates business coverage for that region.

My use case dictates that once an area has been checked it cannot be unchecked. But the same node whose checked state must be disabled, still needs to be expandable and selectable for the above reasons, for viewing purposes.

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Created by: Ruslan
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I can't find anything on your website or on the internet that explains how to navigate a Kendo React ListBox control using the keyboard.

Can you point me in the right direction on this issue?


Ruslan Lyga

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I'm using SeriesLine to render a border line on the area chart. Solid lines work just fine, but I can't figure out how to apply dashed lines.

What I want to achieve is something like:

What I have so far:

I just want to apply a dashed line on the the gray chart area.

The solid lines are applied using the following prop:
<ChartSeriesItem line={ style: 'smooth', color: '#888888', width: 2 } />

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Created by: Felix
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Add a Breadcrumb component.

Similar to what we have in Kendo UI for jQuery:


Last Updated: 16 Sep 2021 18:06 by ADMIN
Created by: Chris
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Type: Feature Request

Add KendoReact PivotGrid.

Currently, there is only a wrapper:


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Created by: Pavan Kumar
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Add a heatmap component

This component purpose is similar to the GitHub commits graph:

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Created by: Alexander Green
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I am using the date range picker component and it works fine.

But I want to add time select feature to date range picker.

I did not see this feature when I examined the document.

Link : https://www.telerik.com/kendo-react-ui/components/dateinputs/daterangepicker/

Please your support

Best Regards,

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Please add down arrow to multi-select dropdown similar to combobox or dropdownlist.


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Created by: Andy
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Hi we are wanting to use the scheduler and control the display of overlapping items differently than the default.  Are there any resources you could point me to that explain how two items scheduled over the same time interact or can be customized?

If we wanted for the items to be z-indexed over each other instead of shown side-by-side, is that possible?

Last Updated: 09 Sep 2021 08:07 by ADMIN


I have been using Kendo React Scheduler and soon going to integrate it with our product. 

I came across a use-case/functionality requirement. Currently, with the Month View, when we have too many events in the view, we have the functionality of drilling down into the day view by clicking on three dots (I will refer to this as "View More" functionality). Very helpful indeed.

My use-case was when in the week view, we still have limited space per day in small dimensions for the calendar which can lead to the squashed arrangement of events on the time scale as well in the all-day section.

So I was thinking if we could have the same "View More" functionality in Week view as follows:

  • Specifying the max number of events to be displayed for all-day view will render those events plus any additional like a "View More" functionality to drill down into Day view.
  • Specifying the max number of events to be displayed for the same time frame will render those events plus any additional like a "View More" functionality to drill down into Day view.

Let me know if any other concerns or ideas around this may arise.



Aman Gupta

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