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If you show a Grid with no rows, the Kendo Grid displays a `k-grid-norecords` row. The generated HTML for this is:

<tr class="k-grid-norecords" aria-rowindex="2"><td colspan="5">No records available</td></tr>

If you run Axe accessibility checks (axe-core 4.4.1) against this, it reports:

Impact: critical
Elements must only use allowed ARIA attributes
ARIA attribute is not allowed: aria-rowindex="2"

It seems that according to Axe, this <tr> element should have `role="row"` to make it compliant.

Normal data rows, where there is data, do include `role="row"`. Only the 'no records' row seems to be missing it. Can this role be added?

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Created by: Andrew
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Type: Feature Request

To Whom It May Concern,


I am requesting the Kendo team to implement a new feature of programmatically setting a Grid's page for the Kendo React Grid

This can be accomplished by having a listener for the Grid's state. For example, when the Grid's skip props is changed, the Grid's page will also change to the number of elements skipped.

Please consider implementing this feature.

Thank you.



Andrew J. Yang

Keysight Technologies

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Created by: Louise
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Type: Feature Request

Currently the MultiSelectTree Component doesn't have Virtualization therefore is unable to provide infinite scrolling.

Please can this be added.


Thank you,

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Created by: Rebecca
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Type: Feature Request

The footer cell is not accessible. I cant be navigated with the keyboard and isn't read out by the screen reader.  Ideally, we would have all the attributes that the header and content cells have to make this work in the same way.

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The React Dropdown and Multiselect components are difficult to use in a <Form> because they return an object instead of the value that would be part of a form.

Maybe there is already a way to handle it, but the docs for the MultiSelect do not include any way to map the value Object to just the primitive, and the Form docs have no example with a MultiSelect.

In my experience, when loading and saving data to/from an API, they very rarely take objects with an ID and Text properties. They usually expect just the primitive values (IDs) of the selected items. The Angular MultiSelect control has a `valuePrimitive` attribute that can be used to control this behavior. The React version does not seem to support this use case at all, or it is hard to find in the docs if it does exist.

Example code: https://stackblitz.com/edit/react-xroafa?file=app/main.jsx

Essentially, it would have been nice if you could do:

<MultiSelect data={[ { id: 1, text: 'One' }, { id: 2, text: 'Two' }, ]} value={[2]} // just a primitive value, not an object

onChange={(value) => /* value should just be the `id`s not the objects */ } />

Which would enable MultiSelect to be usable in a <Form>. Since the <Field> component does not allow overriding the `value` or `onChange` events, mapping these primitives to object form is frustrating and a bunch of extra code.

In the Angular version this is easily achievable, with an example in the docs: https://www.telerik.com/kendo-angular-ui/components/dropdowns/multiselect/value-binding/#toc-primitive-values-from-object-fields

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Please allow the Form component to submit even if it's not marked as modified internally. I am trying to use the Form within a Stepper workflow, and the Form can have default values based on what they submitted in the previous Step. If they return to the Step with the Form on it, though, and those initial values are not changed while displaying the Form, then the Form internally is not marked as modified, therefor the submit event never fires.

It'd be nice if we could have a boolean to tell the Form if we care to block submission based on modified or not.

Thank you

Under Review
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The feature request:

Kendo react scheduler: in a week/work week view if an event created with start time at 01:00 and ends at 23:00 for example and displayed only working hours:

the event will not visible until we enable all days hours visible:

The issue is described here:



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Hi Team,

I am facing one challenge to create a Calendar view with multiple date selection with multiple colors.

Please suggest and share class component references to achieve the same.

Please refer attached video or do let me know if you have any questions.


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Created by: Fabian
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Type: Feature Request


I'm using the menu component version 4.13

I'd like to change the style of the active menu item but could not find any examples. Here's one of my menu items

            <MenuItem text="Location Lookup" cssClass={"nav-item nav-link"} data={{ route: "/locations" }}></MenuItem>

i'm following your example to do the routing

function onSelect(event) {

I'm using react router dom.

Do you have an example for how to change the css of the active menu item?

Thank you.



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Hello Support Team,

We are migrating our ASP MVC application to React JS and need your help in scheduler time-line view. In ASP MVC you provided the functionality to render the custom template for Resource Title or we can say for the user name. But we are unable to implement the same functionality in react js, and this is the important module of our application. Our application client strictly say he needs 100% same application as it is in ASP MVC version.

We request you to please add this feature to the Scheduler in the coming updates & this would be useful to the other users also.

Thank You.

Under Review
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Created by: James
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Type: Feature Request

Hi there,

I can see there is a column chooser component for the Angular Data Grid e.g. https://www.telerik.com/kendo-angular-ui/components/grid/columns/menu/#toc-column-chooser-item but there is not an equivalent for the React Data Grid (unless you code it yourself).

The DevExpress React Grid does have this feature https://devexpress.github.io/devextreme-reactive/react/grid/docs/guides/column-visibility/ so we were wondering if such a thing is planned React Data Grid?

Thanks very much,


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Created by: Gary
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Type: Feature Request


I was doing some research to see if you had a footer that would be for the entire grid instead of for each column. In this research I found an article that would place the GridToolbar as a footer by changing the order to a value of 1 on the .k-toolbar css style.

.k-toolbar {
  order: 1;
  border-top-style: inset;
  border-top-width: 1px;

I was wondering if you could create a feature request to add a property to the GridToolbar that would allow placing it as a footer? Or maybe a feature request that would allow for a footer for the entire grid?

I'm working on creating a footer that would allow my users to open the filter builder in a modal and then display the selected filter in text so they are aware of the current filtering of the grid. This would also be a nice feature to be included with the Grid. Included below is an example of the GridToolbar as the footer.


Under Review
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Introducing expandIcon/collapseIcon or expandIconClass/collapseIconClass properties for the Grid, so that custom icons can be set
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Created by: Michael Blanchet
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Type: Feature Request

A horizontal scroller or scroll list?  A list of items or chips can be scrolled through horizontally, either by using arrow buttons or drag.

This is a common way of accessing a long list of items on a phone - by swiping left or right on the list with your finger.

There are a couple of horizontal scroller controls available for react - but they are not complete, buggy and not supported.

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Created by: Luuk
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Type: Feature Request


It would be great if the 'allDaySlot' property on the Scheduler component could be added to the Reactjs version. We would like to hide the all day slot on our scheduler but currently this isn't possible.

Kind regards,

Under Review
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The `Surface` component, in the drawing module, has a few exposed event handlers. It exposes click, mouse enter and mouse leave. It does not expose a handler for mouse scroll wheel movement.

You can see the exposed handlers in the `SurfaceOptions` type ...

SurfaceOptions - React Drawing Component | KendoReact API (telerik.com)

Can you please expose the mouse scroll event handler?

In Development
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Created by: Daniel
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Type: Feature Request

React v18 has been released.

It appears that KendoReact only supports up to v17 (dependency conflicts if you try to use v18).

Can you please add support for React v18?


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There is an inconsistency with the DateRange picker in the way element focus is set when closing the date selection popup by mouse vs keyboard. When using the mouse to close the date range selection popup, element focus becomes lost/reset.

You can simulate this from the example page https://www.telerik.com/kendo-react-ui/components/dateinputs/daterangepicker/

Steps to simulate good behavior (this works correctly):

* click the 'from' input text element (causes the popup to open and the text input to have focus)
* press 'escape' to close the popup (the popup is closed, and the 'from' input element retains focus)
* press 'tab' (focus moves to the 'to' text input element)

Steps to simulate behavior that could be improved:

* click or tab into the 'from' input element (causes the popup to open and the text input to have focus)
* click (with the mouse) outside the popup to close it (the popup is closed, and focus appears to be lost.)
* press 'tab' (focus moves to the 'from' input element again because we are back at the beginning of the tab order list)

This input can lead you into a tab order loop if you mix pressing 'tab' to advance focus, and using the mouse to click to close the date selection popup.
Feature request: when clicking to close the popup, element focus should be retained in the 'from' or 'to' text input; whichever had focus before the popup close, the same as pressing 'escape' to close the popup.

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Allow setting a number of records to be pre-rendered in the Grid with virtual scrolling. This will allow rendering some records at the bottom and on the top of the visible records to improve the performance.
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Created by: Rachel
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Type: Feature Request

I use a Datepicker with 'he' loclae. It works fine, but the week's days are displayed from left to right instead of right to left as expected.
I tried to add className = 'k-rtl' but it did not help.
Is there a way to change that?

Here is a demonstration of the problem:


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