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A Wizard Control, allowing any number or steps vertical or horizontal plus ability to modify the look and feel of the steps.  Also the ability to add other controls within each step.  For example a wizard control with the ability to have 3 steps, in which one would have a grid, or scheduler or other components.
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I have a need for the 'Drop files here to upload' text to always be visible in the drop area of the KendoReact Upload component. Example of what I am talking about is in attached images.


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The scheduler component does not work in Internet Explorer. We need to support IE 11 for our costumers. On the Kendo React example page I get an error that the  'object does not support property or method 'entries'.  In the code we're developing the error is similar, but refers to 'forEach' instead of entries. 
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Created by: Michael
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On your Grid Demos:   When ever you try to edit a text cell the cursor always goes to the end of the text box


For example, go to your demo:


- Edit the first row.  Try to type something before "Chai" - the cursor will jump to the end of the textbox

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Created by: Adam
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Type: Bug Report

Hello Kendo React Team,


Here are a few bugs to address on the Kendo React Scheduler (3.6.0)...


Issue 1: November 3, 2019 Repeated on Week/Month Views

Visit or, navigate to the first full week in November 2019. You will notice that 11/3 is repeated for Sunday/Monday. I'm wondering if this issue is related to daylight savings time. The calendar does not have a timezone configured (just uses the default UTC and my local timezone is PST).


Issue 2: Clicking an empty all day slot does nothing.

The onSlotClick callback should be fired when clicking on an all day event. I currently have to add an event listener using document.querySelectorAll("[data-slot-allday='true']"); to get the right behavior (definitely not ideal).


Issue 3: onItemDoubleClick and onSlotDoubleClick do not work on mobile devices.

My current solution to get everything to work on desktop and mobile is to use the onItemClick and onSlotClick and to not integrate useCallback with double clicking.


Suggested Improvements:

  • The documentation is silent about onItemClick, onSlotClick, onItemDrop, etc. These are essential to extend the behavior of the scheduler. I had to dig through the node modules directory and look through the .ts files to figure out how to use these work.
  • The mobile experience is awful. I miss the isMobile prop on the kendo-scheduler-react-wrapper. Whether you reintroduce that prop or add better css for smaller viewports, it would be greatly appreciated.



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Created by: Kyle
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Type: Bug Report

In the KendoReact Scheduler component, there is a bug when you try and change the date for an event.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. use an editable scheduler component in your website
  2. click on an event in the scheduler to open the modal
  3. in the modal click on the date selector (calendar) icon next to Start or End.
  4. The date selector is behind the modal

Looks like you need to change the z-index of the date selector if it is a child of a modal.


Thanks! I attached screen shots.

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When using the <Window> component, there is an issue trying to maximize, when a parent element has positioning (ie:  position: absolute, position: relative).  The calculation for defining the width uses window.innerWidth (similar for height).  However, for placement, it uses top and left = 0.  

You can see a sample of this on StackBlitz:

This is a straight copy of, but added the additional styles to the parent <div>.

Version is 3.14.



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The ability to insert images in the Editor from the file system.

This can be done from the file browser or using drag and drop.
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I'm seeing a bug in TreeList which seems to be related to how locked column positions are being set.  The issue I'm seeing is when I scroll to the right the columns either overlap of have a gap between them.  See image below.

I also created a demo that demonstrates this issue:

Seeing this issue in:

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Created by: Ruslan
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I have a request to add a ListView control to a React Pure control package.


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Created by: Ajay
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When the available space for the Menu go under specific width the Menu should be hidden and a hamburger style button should be shown to access the Menu. This feature has to be added to our Menu component to make it responsive.
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Created by: Arun
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Hi, is there a way i can customize the paging options style? The default is we have the page selection on the left, number of Items per page selection in the middle and the total records info on the right. I would like to just reverse it. I tried a display flex on the container and a flex-direction: reverse but it reverses the paging icons also. Please advise.

A custom render method for the paging component or a wrapper around the paging buttons would be ideal so as to do a flex-reverse to play around with the styles.

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I find the autogrow and floating labels in the latest Kendo Angular library to be quite handy:
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Created by: John
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Implement Gantt as a React Component so that a Wrapper is not required. This is not currently listed in your Roadmap as a specific short or long-term goal.
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Is it possible to define where the dropdown container (i.e. k-list-container) is appended in the DOM?

By default it is appended at the bottom of the body but I'd like to define where it is appended.

The reason why I need to do this is because I'm using the KendoReact components in a WebComponent (custom element) which is hosted in a shadow-dom for isolation.
The styles are also only loaded within the shadow-dom and are therfore not applied to content on the outside. 

The issue is that the kendo dropdown container is appended outside of the shadow-dom and the scope of the kendo styles.
The dropdownlist component is styled correctly but the dropdown part that is appended to body is not styled.

I've solved this with other components (i.e. modal window) by defining where I want the the container appended with the createPortal method in React.

          <ModalOverlay />
        document.getElementsByTagName('custom-element').length > 0
          ? document.getElementsByTagName('custom-element')[0].shadowRoot

          : document.body



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Please allow the Form component to submit even if it's not marked as modified internally. I am trying to use the Form within a Stepper workflow, and the Form can have default values based on what they submitted in the previous Step. If they return to the Step with the Form on it, though, and those initial values are not changed while displaying the Form, then the Form internally is not marked as modified, therefor the submit event never fires.

It'd be nice if we could have a boolean to tell the Form if we care to block submission based on modified or not.

Thank you

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I need to implement two functionality for treelist control

1. Freezing of column and rows

2. Drag and Drop column and rows

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We need to customize our exported excel to contain some additional information to the top rows of the excel sheet.

On using 'filterable' option as true in ExcelExport React component, it's getting applied on the first row but we want those filters to come on header values present on the 2nd/nth row in case we have some additional information on the top rows.

                    ref={(exporter) => { this._exporter = exporter; }}

Please refer the attached snapshots for actual and expected results needed from customization.

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Created by: Imported User
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As in the JQuery version, it would be good to have the option of showing the total of a column's values without having to use grouping aggregates. 

For example i have 10 products with their prices and i would like to see their total cost in a row below the column, without having to use grouping which adds more elements to the Grid.
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