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I've already submitted this to the GitHub issues -

Submitting here as it is an important regression with React 18 breaking all popup animations.
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Created by: Joel Parker Henderson
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Type: Bug Report

On this page:

There's a syntax mismatch in end-of-line semicolons.

This line ends with a semicolon:

import '@progress/kendo-theme-default/dist/all.css';

This line does not end with a semicolon:

import { Calendar } from '@progress/kendo-react-dateinputs'

All teams that I know of consider it to be an error to do both ways in the same file.

The solution is to pick one way then be consistent. The broader solution is to use a linter, such as ESLint, that can process the code to ensure you're using your expected syntax and formatting.


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According to the repo should be updated nightly. However it does not seem to be.

~/Projects/kendo-react-private (master) git remote -v origin (fetch) origin (push) ~/Projects/kendo-react-private (master) git fetch --tags ~/Projects/kendo-react-private (master) git pull origin master From * branch master -> FETCH_HEAD Already up to date. ~/Projects/kendo-react-private (master) git tag | grep v5 v5.0.0 v5.0.0-dev.202201182040


~/Projects/kendo-react-private (master) git log
commit 4bf2535e414ba2f342ddbef8daac9ec052f04cc2 (HEAD -> master, tag: v5.0.0, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
Author: kendo-bot <>
Date:   Tue Jan 18 22:41:34 2022 +0200

    chore(release): publish 5.0.0-dev.202201182040

v5.0.0 seems to be the latest tag. Could someone verify that the github repo is actually being updated?

Thanks for any help!

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Created by: Derek
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Type: Feature Request
I'm wondering if you have Kendo ReactJS 2D barcode component on the roadmap?  I see that there are wrappers, but would prefer a pure ReactJS solution.  I'd like to add my vote for addition of this component to the ReactJS suite.  Thanks.
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Created by: Sebastian
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Type: Feature Request


the current filter is great but a little bit difficult to use. I would like to see an inline filter like the following screenshot:

It is used by many applications. Just to name a few


* Gitlab (where the screenshot is from)
* Contentful (CMS)
* Google Cloud Console

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Created by: Chunxing
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Type: Feature Request

Currently there is no Autoscroll feature for the when I want to drag and drop an item somewhere outside of the viewed area its klunky have to drop then scrool then drag and drop again etc.


Would really like to be able to autoscroll through the treelist

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I know there you gave me an example of how to do this with custom code - is there a reason this can't be built in?   It's important and is a pain to custom implement when using custom editors for the cells




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toODataString throw exception on text filter changed from is null to contains. 

Repro step:

1. Choose filter by Name which is using text filter.

2. Change filter from Is null to contains.

3. toODataString threw exception.


Error in /turbo_modules/@progress/kendo-data-query@1.5.5/dist/cdn/main.js (1:7873)
Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'replace')
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The Tooltip component has a className property. Providing a class name there does not seem to apply the class to the DOM element. See my below code and attached screenshot ...

            <div className="col">
              <label className="d-block">Name</label>
              <Input value={name} required={true} onChange={handleNameChange} />
              <Tooltip className="d-inline">
                <i className="k-icon k-i-info" title="The name of the Taxonomy" />

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Created by: Ruslan
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Type: Feature Request

I would like to request a new Kendo React Grid column editing option so that users can navigate editable columns using the keyboard. This feature should be similar to "navigatable" option from Kendo jQuery grid example -


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A Wizard Control, allowing any number or steps vertical or horizontal plus ability to modify the look and feel of the steps.  Also the ability to add other controls within each step.  For example a wizard control with the ability to have 3 steps, in which one would have a grid, or scheduler or other components.