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After taking a look at your example in the documentation here (which doesn't seem to be working) 

I fixed the onSelectEnd function and got it working. However, the selection chart is reloading the data every time onSelectEnd changes this.state.min and this.state.max.

Here is the example: 

As you can see, this makes for a clunky UI.


If this isn't a bug, do you have suggestions on how to fix this?



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Created by: Antonios
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I would find a Readonly bool prop for the Editor, really useful in certain scenarios
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Created by: Dominic
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Type: Feature Request
We are currently evaluating the use of the Scheduler control but there are times using the calendar portion just doesn't make sense. I see there's a SchedulerForm exposed but using it displays a dialog where we'd like it to be an inline form. Having this form would prevent us from writing a custom one. Also, the ability to add custom fields with just the form and not the Scheduler is highly desirable.