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Add floating labels on the DatePicker and DateTimePicker.
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Created by: James
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Type: Bug Report

The className prop on the ChipList component is ignored in version 3.18.0. A simple addition of class strings does not appear in the compiled product, e.g.

  return (
      className='flex-layout --wrap --end'
      chip={props => (
        <Chip removable removeIcon='k-i-close' {...props} />


I've looked through the transpiled source in node_modules, and it seems the className property passed to the React.createElement() function totally ignores the prop class names.

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A Wizard Control, allowing any number or steps vertical or horizontal plus ability to modify the look and feel of the steps.  Also the ability to add other controls within each step.  For example a wizard control with the ability to have 3 steps, in which one would have a grid, or scheduler or other components.
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After taking a look at your example in the documentation here (which doesn't seem to be working) 

I fixed the onSelectEnd function and got it working. However, the selection chart is reloading the data every time onSelectEnd changes this.state.min and this.state.max.

Here is the example: 

As you can see, this makes for a clunky UI.


If this isn't a bug, do you have suggestions on how to fix this?



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Created by: Dominic
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We are currently evaluating the use of the Scheduler control but there are times using the calendar portion just doesn't make sense. I see there's a SchedulerForm exposed but using it displays a dialog where we'd like it to be an inline form. Having this form would prevent us from writing a custom one. Also, the ability to add custom fields with just the form and not the Scheduler is highly desirable.