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The Tooltip component has a className property. Providing a class name there does not seem to apply the class to the DOM element. See my below code and attached screenshot ...

            <div className="col">
              <label className="d-block">Name</label>
              <Input value={name} required={true} onChange={handleNameChange} />
              <Tooltip className="d-inline">
                <i className="k-icon k-i-info" title="The name of the Taxonomy" />

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In other Kendo Grid libraries, the grid columns auto set their widths depending on the content in the column. This feature is not available in KendoReact, can it be added?
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Created by: Ruslan
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I would like to request a new Kendo React Grid column editing option so that users can navigate editable columns using the keyboard. This feature should be similar to "navigatable" option from Kendo jQuery grid example -


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Created by: Felix
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Type: Feature Request

Add a Breadcrumb component.

Similar to what we have in Kendo UI for jQuery:

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Created by: Chris
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Type: Feature Request

Add KendoReact PivotGrid.

Currently, there is only a wrapper:

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A Wizard Control, allowing any number or steps vertical or horizontal plus ability to modify the look and feel of the steps.  Also the ability to add other controls within each step.  For example a wizard control with the ability to have 3 steps, in which one would have a grid, or scheduler or other components.