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Currently the GridColumn Component only supports width property.  It should also support minWidth and maxWidth properties for better responsive design.  https://www.telerik.com/kendo-react-ui/components/grid/api/GridColumnProps/
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Currently (as visible in grid demos), touch drag scroll in mobile (responsive) mode is not working when rows selection is enabled.

There is no known workaround since the complexity of implementing custom row renderer with all the intricacies of the grid's behaviour would be a huge task.

The client's facing issue is that when using a KendoReact grid on mobile device, they can't easily scroll the grid rows data by touch drag scrolling the rows.


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Created by: Michael
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It is important for my users to be able to invoke the GridColumnMenuFilter  directly from the grid header. ie. The jQuery version has the filter icon beside the header text  (Rather than having to click a menu and then click "Filter" - which is necessary if all I want is a filter.

I know this is possible with some CSS.  But it is important that there is a visual indicator that the filter is on (which the jQuery version supports but doesn't seem currently possible with the React version)



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Created by: Bill
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It would be great if there was the ability to lock the expand/collapse column that is rendered for master/detail grids.