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Hey Hi Team,

Please go through the link https://stackblitz.com/edit/react-4ze9fd-pxytyn?file=app%2Fmain.tsx

Here you will find our exact solution and we want last column description to hide.

Other than that we required all columns as it is. So need to remove last column only.


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Recently we came up with a workaround for expanding the defaultRowAxes by creating a string value (by concatenating previous tag value with ‘&’ + tag value + next tag along with expand: true property and so on). This approach is not ideal because we have a lot of data and we use the pivotProps values returned from ‘usePivotLocalDataService’ hook as sometimes we can have more than 5 nested tags in a row and we update our config based upon the return values from configuratorProps returned from the same hook (usePivotLocalDataService) so we can save the values in our database later.


We need a solution where we can pass in a prop (eg: expandRows) either to the usePivotLocalDataService hook or the PivotGrid component itself that will expand the rows by default whenever we click the “Apply” button in the Configurator component.


Telerik Dojo example: https://www.telerik.com/kendo-react-ui/components/pivotgrid/data-binding/local-binding/


In the above mentioned example and the screen recording attached (expand-defaultRowAxes.mov) you can see when we click apply -> defaultRowAxes are added but they are collapsed. So we need a solution where in we can pass a prop to the component / hook for expanding defaultRowAxes whenever we click on “Apply” button.