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I'm using SeriesLine to render a border line on the area chart. Solid lines work just fine, but I can't figure out how to apply dashed lines.

What I want to achieve is something like:

What I have so far:

I just want to apply a dashed line on the the gray chart area.

The solid lines are applied using the following prop:
<ChartSeriesItem line={ style: 'smooth', color: '#888888', width: 2 } />

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Created by: Ruslan
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I can't find anything on your website or on the internet that explains how to navigate a Kendo React ListBox control using the keyboard.

Can you point me in the right direction on this issue?


Ruslan Lyga

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Created by: Felix
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Add a Breadcrumb component.

Similar to what we have in Kendo UI for jQuery:

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Created by: Chris
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Add KendoReact PivotGrid.

Currently, there is only a wrapper:

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Created by: Pavan Kumar
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Add a heatmap component

This component purpose is similar to the GitHub commits graph:

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Created by: Alexander Green
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I am using the date range picker component and it works fine.

But I want to add time select feature to date range picker.

I did not see this feature when I examined the document.

Link :

Please your support

Best Regards,

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Please add down arrow to multi-select dropdown similar to combobox or dropdownlist.


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Hi Team, 

###Current Behavior

When displaying checkboxes, they are not aligned for nodes with children vs. nodes without children


### Example


### Expected Behaviour

Nodes checkboxes should be aligned the same regardless of if they have children.





Thanks and Kind Regards,

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Created by: Andy
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Hi we are wanting to use the scheduler and control the display of overlapping items differently than the default.  Are there any resources you could point me to that explain how two items scheduled over the same time interact or can be customized?

If we wanted for the items to be z-indexed over each other instead of shown side-by-side, is that possible?

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I have been using Kendo React Scheduler and soon going to integrate it with our product. 

I came across a use-case/functionality requirement. Currently, with the Month View, when we have too many events in the view, we have the functionality of drilling down into the day view by clicking on three dots (I will refer to this as "View More" functionality). Very helpful indeed.

My use-case was when in the week view, we still have limited space per day in small dimensions for the calendar which can lead to the squashed arrangement of events on the time scale as well in the all-day section.

So I was thinking if we could have the same "View More" functionality in Week view as follows:

  • Specifying the max number of events to be displayed for all-day view will render those events plus any additional like a "View More" functionality to drill down into Day view.
  • Specifying the max number of events to be displayed for the same time frame will render those events plus any additional like a "View More" functionality to drill down into Day view.

Let me know if any other concerns or ideas around this may arise.



Aman Gupta

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Please add a master list of icons from the WebComponentsIcons font so I can use the icons in Adobe XD. It could be an XD file, or a way to copy the icon glyph from the website like Font Awesome has.
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Created by: Chaz
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Type: Feature Request

I've noticed in your other products, the dropdownlists have a property that allows for grouping sets of data. 

What would it take to get that included in Kendo UI React?

We have a use case that this would be very helpful.


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Created by: Emad
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Having DatePicker to show Quarters only
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Created by: Emad
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Type: Feature Request

Add a shared note property for the Chart.

This property should allow rendering a note for multiple series items similar to the shared tooltip funtionality.

Last Updated: 26 Aug 2021 10:44 by ADMIN

Hi Team, 

I have found an issue in the Grid Component that I think needs some attention, see below.,

## Current behavior
My GridColumns are not styling correctly when i hide/show them based on an edit state (for example). Some that have no width restrictions will the shortened then not lengthed.


## Current Version

KendoReact 4.8.0


## Expected behavior
If I hide/show a GridColumn, its width should not affect other GridColumns, only the Grid overall.


## Minimal reproduction of the problem with instructions

1. View how age is the only column visible with a width attr
2. Click "Switch Mode" and notice how 'Id' is not added, but a width of 80 is now applied to the 'lastname' column, the same width as age
3. Click "Switch Mode" back to view, and see how id is removed and a width of 60 is applied to the 'firstname' column.


## Investigation:
Some investigation in the DOPM revealed that the issue is centred around the <colgroup> of the Grid's <table>:
- step 2 does the following to the <col>s in the <colgroup>
  - add a new col to the beginning with a width, for the Id column
  - add a new col to the end with a width, for the Age column
  - DOES NOT clear the width of the col group that used to be the age column

- step 3
 - Simply removes the last <col> in the group. Does not affect hte attributes of the remaining <col>s


I hope this was informative and can be resolved soon.

Kind Regards,

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Created by: Sergei
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Type: Feature Request


We are currently developing an application based on Kendo React components.
We are wondering if the React-Gantt chart has the functionality to edit the data by drag-n-drop the same way it possible with JQuery-Gantt (see attachment).

Thanks in advance for your help.


Kind regards,

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Add more animation options to the KendoReact Chart rendering.


For example, we can add the following type of animation:

The new suggested animation type should change smoothly the Y values of the line, that is an animation of the line from its old points to its new points."

This should result in the lines (series) animating not the entire Chart.

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Created by: Kamaldeep
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Type: Feature Request
Could you please provide keyboard accessibility for GridColumnMenu?
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MaterialUI exposes a `ListBoxComponent` prop on their dropdown components ( it would be nice to have that exposed on the kendo multiselect as well.

Use cases include:

  • simplifying styling
  • Custom scroll bars for the dropdown

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Hello Support-Team,

I have created a project with Kendo UI React and use the component "Scheduler". I would like to display multi-day events. Unfortunately, the event is then split per day on a separate bar:

I have not found a way so that only one bar is displayed per multi-day event. Is this a bug, or can this be configured somehow?

I thank you for a short feedback!

Kind regards,
Marvin Beyer
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