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We currently use grouping in the Kendo Grid, however the groups are always sorted alphabetically by the name of the group.

In our case, we want the groups to be sorted another way: an order value that corresponds to the group name.

To do this, it would be good if we could specify a comparison function, and have it take a object we provide (a map between the group name and order value).

We currently work around this by prepending a character to the group name to have it sort correctly (see screenshot). As you can see, it's not very appealing.

We are using @progress/kendo-react-grid@4.6.0

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Hi there, 


I would like know how can we customize the TimePicker of the DateTime picker?

We can perform the customization of calendar as guided by the link below.

My question is how can I customize the Time Picker of the Datetime Picker since I can't find the time picker relevant props from the DateTimePickerProps?


Thank you!






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Please allow the Switch component to accept a title prop so that the Tooltip component can be used with Switch. Switch doesn't really support long labels, or labels at all in some themes, so it would be nice to be able to use Tooltip component with Switch component.

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Dear Support Team,

 I have numbers of kendo charts in my app, but I need to modify the boder-radius for the tooltip of my donut chart.

I've checked, with the browser, the existence of a couple of CSS classes I can work on, but they are generic and they work for all the charts in the app:

.k-sparkline-tooltip-wrapper>.k-popup, .k-chart-tooltip-wrapper>.k-popup (classes for the ChartTooltip component: for this I can ad an ID)

Inside this component the Kendo library creates a new component, which I can't configure any IDs on and owns the css class k-chart-tooltip k-chart-tooltip-inverse needed to override the border-radius property.

Is there a workaround or any other configuration to set the border radius for a tooltip of a single chart, without modify all other charts in my app?

Thank you

Kind regards


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Description of the problem

In the Grid component with infinite scrolling, when a user scrolls down, the grid will bounce them back up to the first row when loading the next couple of rows. We get this same behavior in our application so it doesn't seem to be a mistake in the demo. We've encountered this issue in both version 1.x and the most recent version of Kendo.

To reproduce:

  • go to the demo for this component;
  • slowly scroll down in the grid component.

Code, screenshots, etc

Since this is also broken in the docs, I don't think it's necessary to add screenshots or code.

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Created by: Bob
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Type: Feature Request

Navigating the items in the DropDownList by the first letter of the item is something that is supported by the KendoUI for jQuery DropDownList. 

In this demo, you can see the behavior for the Categories field. When Categories has focus, you can type "c" and it navigates to the first "c" category "Condiments". If you type "c" a second time, it navigates to "Confections".

We have replaced some of our pages that used to use KendoUI for jQuery with React pages using Kendo React, and we are getting user complaints that this behavior is no longer supported for our drop downs.

I understand that we can use the "filter" functionality for the Kendo React DropDownList, but we would rather have the previous "first letter navigation" functionality supported by Kendo React.

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Created by: John
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Type: Feature Request
Implement Gantt as a React Component so that a Wrapper is not required. This is not currently listed in your Roadmap as a specific short or long-term goal.
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Hi Team,

     I am looking for PickList  / duallist component but I am not getting it on kendo UI

   Through this list we can move items from one list to another and vice versa.

    Using buttons ,left,right,rightAll,LeftAll,Up,Down etc    like  "react-dual-list"  component

   In addition to that i want drag and drop feature to be enabled between the list

 Can someone please help me to fine such component on Kendo UI

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Created by: Hugo
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Type: Feature Request

I would like to know if there are any Kendo React components to suit Bottom navigation functionality as per Material Design

Thanks in advance,
Last Updated: 27 May 2021 17:03 by ADMIN

Multi-selecting rows using the mouse selection doesn't work for React Kendo Grid.

With the kendo grid wrapper for React we were able to  multi-select rows using the mouse selection in the grid bounds. 


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Created by: iConect Developer - Mike
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Type: Feature Request

This support ticket is a feature request for a React version of the DropDownTree component:

For now I've hacked together something using a span styled like the collapsed DropDownTree, a React Popup and a React TreeView.  It would be great if this control could be adapted for React and added to the dropdowns package.  Unless there is an easy way to accomplish this using the React Dropdown and the React Treeview?

Last Updated: 27 May 2021 16:56 by ADMIN
Add floating labels on the DatePicker and DateTimePicker.
Last Updated: 27 May 2021 05:24 by ADMIN
Add section highlighting and keyboard navigation to the MaskedTextBox.

This is similar to the DateInput functionality to move between the different sections with the arrow keys.

This functionality should be optional, not always on.
Last Updated: 25 May 2021 08:08 by ADMIN
Created by: Leeden
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Type: Feature Request

Hi Support, 


Is there any org chat component or similar components in Kendo React that is similar to the Org Chart in this link


Thanks & Regards,


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Last Updated: 24 May 2021 08:48 by ADMIN
The CSS styling of the Stepper component breaks when there is only 1 step defined. It may sound weird to only have 1 step but the items prop is an array and therefor should support 1 single step. Currently when only 1 step is defined the stepper bar extends like it's going to a 2nd step but just stops. It'd be nice if visually that progress bar just didn't show up if there was no 2nd step.
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Created by: Ryan
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It would be nice if the ButtonGroup component could be styled so that it is vertical.
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It's annoying because:


1) Every time I go to a new page or refresh my browser it comes up bright yellow

2) It blocks the search bar which I use a lot

3) The seminar is over which just annoys me more


I'm OK if you want to tell me once like a privacy notice, but don't tell me every time my web page refreshes and overwrite part of the page.



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Add an option to expand the details in the Grid upwards.

Currently, they are only expandable downwards.
Last Updated: 18 May 2021 09:21 by ADMIN


I was just running through the new features of KendoReact 2021 R2 and am very keen to start implementing.

One of my colleagues pointed out that there is an ellipses after each checkbox when using checkboxes under Grid Selection, see It sees this is the casein MS Edge and Chrome. I use Firefox, so didnt notice it.

Thanks for the new features, keep it up.




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Last Updated: 12 May 2021 08:35 by ADMIN
Created by: Matej
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Type: Feature Request
Add a maxlength property to the NumericTextBox that limits the length of the user input, like the HTML input maxlength attribute: 
1 2 3 4 5 6