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Created by: Jan
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We would like to use Kendo React to build a micro frontend UI but we did not found any relevant information that this is currently supported.

The main issue we are facing is how it isolate Kendo theme styling between different micro frontends.

Let's say we have 2 micro frontends A and B:

- A is using Kendo v6.

- B is using Kendo v7 (or some other future/past version).

Both of them will include their global Kendo styles which will collide.

After some investigation, we came up with 2 possible approaches:

  1. Isolating micro frontends using shadow DOM. This is the most common technique but unfortunately not supported by Kendo React yet.
  2. Prepend custom class to all Kendo CSS selectors (for example ".microfronend-a .k-button" instead of just ".k-button").

We have experimented with the second approach and it seems like a way to go. It also required to append all popups to root DOM node of a micro frontend which can be done easily using PopupPropsContext.

But adding a class to all Kendo CSS selector is technically not a trivial task. It would be nice if Kendo supported this out of the box, for example by providing some SCSS configuration variable.

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Created by: Aaron
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Details in forum post:
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Currently, there is a following signature of function "rowRender" passed to React Grid:

rowRender?: (row: React.ReactElement<HTMLTableRowElement>, props: GridRowProps) => React.ReactNode;

I managed to access something which I assume represents this index somehow by using "row._owner.index" although I'm not completely sure if that is always identical to the index of the row being rendered.

It would be very helpful if an index of a rendered row could be accessed as follows:

rowRender?: (row: React.ReactElement<HTMLTableRowElement>, props: GridRowProps, index: number) => React.ReactNode;



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Created by: Grant
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Hi Team, 

If you take a look at my demo, I have 2 scheduler events, and I've created a custom SchedulerItem that renders the background of one of them to be blue.

When dragging the items around, the dragItem mains the same color with a bit of opacity, cool.

When resizing, the orange (?) one works great, this is the default color theme. However when I resize the blue one, while resizing, the resizeItem is an opaque blue, but the SchedulerItem underneath reverts back to the original default color scheme thereby mixing the colors.

Please advise.


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Test Environment:

OS: Windows_11
Version: 21H2
OS Build: 22000.795

Browser: Version 103.0.1264.71 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Prerequisite steps:

1. Go to system settings.

2. Navigate to 'Accessibility' and activate it.

3. Navigate to 'Contrast theme' and activate it.

4. Select 'Desert/Aquatic' High Contrast theme in the combo box.


Repro Steps:

1. Open given URL in Edge.

2. Graph page will be open. 

3. Turn on High contrast theme. 

4. Verify that Graphs are not adapting high contrast Aquatic and Desert modes or not. 


Actual Behavior:

Graphs are not adapting high contrast Aquatic and Desert modes. They remain same as in normal mode.  


Expected Behavior:

 Graphs should adapt high contrast Aquatic and Desert modes as defined. All elements should adapt to respective modes properly. 

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Created by: Brent
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Type: Feature Request

Any chance you could provide simple sample code (stackblitz ideally) demonstrating how to combine multiple PDFExport's into a single PDF file?

The need to combine comes from wanting page numbering to start at 1 within each individual pdf render.

Totally open to using the lower level exportPDF from the drawing library... perhaps there's a straightforward path to combining the individual DataURI's?  also open to using additional 3rd party npmjs libraries.

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There is an inconsistency with the DateRange picker in the way element focus is set when closing the date selection popup by mouse vs keyboard. When using the mouse to close the date range selection popup, element focus becomes lost/reset.

You can simulate this from the example page

Steps to simulate good behavior (this works correctly):

* click the 'from' input text element (causes the popup to open and the text input to have focus)
* press 'escape' to close the popup (the popup is closed, and the 'from' input element retains focus)
* press 'tab' (focus moves to the 'to' text input element)

Steps to simulate behavior that could be improved:

* click or tab into the 'from' input element (causes the popup to open and the text input to have focus)
* click (with the mouse) outside the popup to close it (the popup is closed, and focus appears to be lost.)
* press 'tab' (focus moves to the 'from' input element again because we are back at the beginning of the tab order list)

This input can lead you into a tab order loop if you mix pressing 'tab' to advance focus, and using the mouse to click to close the date selection popup.
Feature request: when clicking to close the popup, element focus should be retained in the 'from' or 'to' text input; whichever had focus before the popup close, the same as pressing 'escape' to close the popup.

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Hi there, 
Im use chart component, and  sometimes the tooltip on grid disappear, i dont know why, and if i put the same code on the telerik this bug doesnt happen, here is an exemplo with the same data 

import * as React from 'react'
import * as ReactDOM from 'react-dom'

import {
} from '@progress/kendo-react-charts';

import 'hammerjs';

	const valueAxis = [
			name: "",
			format: "{0:n1}",
			font: "10px Roboto",

const seriesValues = [
			type: "bar",
			toolTipFormat: "{0:n2}",
			title: "Teste 1",
			spacing: 1,
      data: [27869.8616],
			type: "bar",
			toolTipFormat: "{0:n2}",
			title: "Teste 2",
			spacing: 1,
      data: [13277.95],
			type: "bar",
			toolTipFormat: "{0:n2}",
			title: "Teste 3",
			spacing: 1,
      data: [95164.9968],
			type: "bar",
			toolTipFormat: "{0:n2}",
			title: "Teste 4",
			spacing: 1,
      data: [115579.184],
			type: "bar",
			toolTipFormat: "{0:n2}",
			title: "Teste 4",
			spacing: 1,
      data: [null],
			type: "bar",
			toolTipFormat: "{0:n2}",
			title: "Teste 4",
			spacing: 1,
      data: [616.7145289747288],

const ChartContainer = () => (
    {, idx) => (
          visible: e.visible !== undefined ? e.visible : true,
          format: e.format,
          rotation: "auto",
          font: e.font,
      {, idx) => (
            font: '10px',
            format: "{0:n2}"


  <ChartContainer />,


I inspected the page and realized this, that div is the tooltip and thats working normally, k-animation-container-show class, top and left properties on style;

and this one, is the tooltip that doest appear in the screen, does not have all class and style, just doesnt show up, 

However, the component inside that div was rendered, as can you see

Im using this version



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  1. Create a DateTimePicker.
  2. Use its value prop to programmatically control the value the control uses.
  3. Add clickable Button (or other means) to programmatically set the value to an invalid date (i.e. something like new Date("invalid!").
  4. Click the Button.  The date displayed becomes "NaN/NaN/NaN 12:NaN PM".  I suppose this is reasonable.
  5. Now, click the calendar popup icon on the right-hand side of the component.


Displays a calendar popup, perhaps defaulting to the current date & time.


Throws an exception visible in the JavaScript console.  Replaces the UI with an error message.


import * as React from 'react';
import * as ReactDOM from 'react-dom';

import {
} from '@progress/kendo-react-dateinputs';
import { Button } from '@progress/kendo-react-buttons';

const App = () => {
  const [date, setDate] = React.useState(new Date());

  const handleChange = (event: DateTimePickerChangeEvent) => {

  const handleClick = () => {
    setDate(new Date('invaild!'));

  return (
      <div className="example-wrapper">
          (use Alt+<code>↓</code> to open the date-time selector, <code>←</code>{' '}
          and <code>→</code> to navigate, <code>↑</code> to increment and{' '}
          <code>↓</code> to decrement the value)
        <DateTimePicker onChange={handleChange} value={date} />
      <Button onClick={handleClick}>
        Click me, then the calendar, to break the DateTimePicker.

ReactDOM.render(<App />, document.querySelector('my-app'));
Important note: This POC code uses version 4.9.0 of kendo-react-buttons.  I do not know what that translates to in terms of the "version" dropdown.  I can't tell if "2021.1.119" is applicable here.
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Hi Team, 

I have found an issue in the Grid Component that I think needs some attention, see below.,

## Current behavior
My GridColumns are not styling correctly when i hide/show them based on an edit state (for example). Some that have no width restrictions will the shortened then not lengthed.


## Current Version

KendoReact 4.8.0


## Expected behavior
If I hide/show a GridColumn, its width should not affect other GridColumns, only the Grid overall.


## Minimal reproduction of the problem with instructions

1. View how age is the only column visible with a width attr
2. Click "Switch Mode" and notice how 'Id' is not added, but a width of 80 is now applied to the 'lastname' column, the same width as age
3. Click "Switch Mode" back to view, and see how id is removed and a width of 60 is applied to the 'firstname' column.


## Investigation:
Some investigation in the DOPM revealed that the issue is centred around the <colgroup> of the Grid's <table>:
- step 2 does the following to the <col>s in the <colgroup>
  - add a new col to the beginning with a width, for the Id column
  - add a new col to the end with a width, for the Age column
  - DOES NOT clear the width of the col group that used to be the age column

- step 3
 - Simply removes the last <col> in the group. Does not affect hte attributes of the remaining <col>s


I hope this was informative and can be resolved soon.

Kind Regards,

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  1. Open the using valid credentials.
  2. open any related article.
  3. Navigate to 'Reply' button and invoke it.
  4. Navigate to 'ordered list' button and invoke it.
  5. Navigate to the edit region and type some ordered list items.
  6. Now, Navigate to the ordered list items and listen to Narrator announcement.

Actual Result:

On navigating to ordered list items with arrow keys, Narrator is only announcing first letters of the text and while navigating with 'caps-arrow' keys, Narrator is only announcing position details of the list items.

Note: this issue is not observed with nvda

Nvda version: 2020.2


On navigating to ordered list items with 'arrow keys' or using 'caps-arrow' keys, Narrator should announce the whole text of the list item including position details.

User Impact 
Knowing how many items are in a list is extremely useful to assistive technology users as they can know if they should attempt to skip the list, navigate to the end, help them recall placement of certain items, or orient themselves within the list.  

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The navigation sidebar smooth scroll animation doesn't work for the Calendar component.

Here is a codesandbox that showcases the issue:

Thanks in advance for fixing this :-)


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Created by: Aske Hippe
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Type: Bug Report

Hi there!

I've written this component for a custom message input box for the Chat in Conversational UI for React:

import { ChatMessageBoxProps } from '@progress/kendo-react-conversational-ui'
import { FC } from 'react'

const CustomChatMessageBox: FC<ChatMessageBoxProps> = (props) => {
  return (
				className="h-full w-full text-base md:text-sm focus:outline-none"

export default CustomChatMessageBox

I'm supplying this component to the `messageBox` prop of the Chat component. However, sending the message doesn't work; neither by pressing enter or pressing the send button. If I replace the input with props.messageInput, it works.

Any help in fixing this will be greatly appreciated!

Thank in advance :-)

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The width of the Kendo React DatePicker can become small due to the container width.

In such case, consider the following use case

Users select the date part (year) and start incrementing it by the "up" key. The year date part is selected, but is partially visible,

and the users do not see the date part that they are currently modifying, while they can fully see the other date parts that are not currently in focus.


The DateInput needs a horizontal scrolling to ensure that a focused date part is fully visible to the users in case if the width of the component is narrow.


Please check the case here 

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Getting started page tuto - App.js should be App.jsx. When you use the latest version of VSCode - js deformates tags - in good old js, there are no tags. Just edit to jsx, and edit npm start command
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Created by: Andy
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DateTimePicker opens above or below the link to open it, however when it's in the middle of a page, it will choose to open below and sometimes require scrolling to see all the buttons.

Would be better, if it were to open offscreen, it should be "pinned" to the bottom edge.  Same for right/left/top borders of the screen.

Certain containers also make it impossible to scroll down to see the buttons, so that creates a real problem. The above proposal would fix this.



using fairly vanilla implementation of the component:

      defaultValue={new Date(ActivationDate.toString())}

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Defined a date rang. But it allows to enter a date larger than a max date of the range. Both via calendar and manually.

const minDate = new Date(1, 1, 1);
const maxDate = new Date(9999, 12, 31);

          return (
              <DatePicker value = {this.state.value}

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Created by: Imported User
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Type: Feature Request
Currently, using npm install --save @progress/kendo-theme-material will get the standard Material Design theme for use across the React Components, but why is Material Black not available this way? (npm install --save @progress/kendo-theme-materialBlack)
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                    style={{ height: '400px', width: '500px' }}
                    <Column field="ProductID" title="ID" width="45px" locked />
                    <Column field="ProductName" title="Name" width="250px" />
                    <Column field="Category.CategoryName" title="CategoryName" />
                    <Column field="UnitPrice" title="Price" width="90px" />
                    <Column field="UnitsInStock" title="In stock" width="90px" />
                    <Column field="UnitsOnOrder" title="On order" width="90px" />
                    <Column field="Discontinued" width="120px" locked={true} />
                    <Column field="QuantityPerUnit" title="Additional details" width="250px" />
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There was an error calling “ chart.surface.redraw() ” 


  onRender = (args,mapValues,stackedOrderBy) => {              
        const chart =;      

        const valueAxis = chart.findAxisByName("valueAxis");
        const categoryAxis = chart.findAxisByName("categoryAxis");

        if (!chart) return;        

           let x= 1;
            if( stackedOrderBy!="Ascending")

            let axis = categoryAxis.options;

            axis.categories = axis.categories.sort(function (a, b) {
                if (mapValues[a] < mapValues[b]) {
                return -1*x;
                if (mapValues[a] > mapValues[b]) {
                return 1*x;

                return 0;


1 2 3