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Volker Jahns
Created on: 25 Nov 2022 07:43
Category: Chart
Type: Feature Request
Add Multi Grouping in Chart


we have a probelm with the current bar chart control in react.

We need a multi grouping on the x axis like in Excel and tried a lot but couldn't find any solution yet.

The following image shows how we would like to implement. The x-axis is grouped by two attributes (Age, Gender) . 

Is there any possiblity to do this due fusioncharts support it a bit more as your controls ?

Kind regards, Volker

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Posted on: 30 Nov 2022 07:35

Hello, Volker,

I am afraid that this scenario is not supported by the KendoReact Chart at the moment and there is no a workaround which I can suggest you with the current implementation of the component. 

I agree that such functionality will be beneficial for the component, therefore I have converted this support thread to a Feature Request item in our Feedback portal, so we can track the overall interest in such improvement and plan it for implementation accordingly.

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