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Created on: 11 May 2022 12:31
Type: Feature Request
Grid k-grid-norecords row should have a role="row" according to Axe a11y checks

If you show a Grid with no rows, the Kendo Grid displays a `k-grid-norecords` row. The generated HTML for this is:

<tr class="k-grid-norecords" aria-rowindex="2"><td colspan="5">No records available</td></tr>

If you run Axe accessibility checks (axe-core 4.4.1) against this, it reports:

Impact: critical
Elements must only use allowed ARIA attributes
ARIA attribute is not allowed: aria-rowindex="2"

It seems that according to Axe, this <tr> element should have `role="row"` to make it compliant.

Normal data rows, where there is data, do include `role="row"`. Only the 'no records' row seems to be missing it. Can this role be added?

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Posted on: 18 May 2022 08:00

Hello, Jeff,

Thank you for the submitted feature request. We will be monitoring it closely.

Regards, FilipProgress Telerik

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