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Last Updated: 11 Apr 2022 07:32 by ADMIN
Created on: 04 Apr 2022 12:52
Type: Bug Report
v5.1.0 TimePicker prevents page from scrolling in FireFox

A TimePicker control will take all scroll events if the mouse cursor is over it, whether the element has focus or not, and prevent the scroll from bubbling up to the page. This prevents a page from scrolling as soon as the mouse cursor touches a TimePicker.

Using Kendo rect v5.1.0 in FireFox v98 on OSX. (Issue does not happen in Chrome)

You can view the problem in the demo page: https://www.telerik.com/kendo-react-ui/components/dateinputs/timepicker/
Just try to scroll down the view, and as soon as the TimePicker is under the mouse cursor, the page can no longer be scrolled until you move the cursor off the control.

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Konstantin Dikov
Posted on: 11 Apr 2022 07:32

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

I have tested the described scenario and I was able to replicate the issue even in Chrome.

Since this is not the expected behavior and the mouse wheel should prevent the bubbling of the event only if the input element is focused, I have logged an issue in our repository. You can follow its progress in the link below:

Please excuse us for any inconvenience caused by this and if we can assist you with anything else, do not hesitate to contact us again.


Konstantin Dikov
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