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Created on: 23 Apr 2019 21:19
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ComboBox Clear Button Covers Select Arrow

I am using the ComboBox component in IE11.  When the control has a value, the clear button covers the select arrow at the right of the control.  This occurs because IE11 does not allow nested calc() calls in the CSS width property, e.g. 

.k-dropdown-wrap .k-clear-value {
    right: calc(calc( 0.75rem + 17px) + 6.5px);

Removing the inner calc() works well enough:

.k-dropdown-wrap .k-clear-value {
    right: calc(( 0.75rem + 17px) + 6.5px);

Unfortunately, this rule seems to originate from a CSS function call to which I do not have access.  Is it possible to remove the inner calc()?

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Posted on: 24 Apr 2019 06:25
Hello, Nathaniel,

Thank you for the details.

I have tested this on IE 11 and the clear button was placed as expected.

Please check the video and advise if I missed something. I also showed the version of IE 11 which I have used for testing:

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