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Release R2 2023
Created on: 11 Jan 2016 03:15
Category: Editor
Type: Feature Request
when the site is https, there is an issue on xhtml validator in radeditor where popup content is not properly loading due to mixed content issue.
Currently we are in the process of securing our web sites. we are experiencing issue on Xhtml Validator in RadEditor where it is not properly loading due to mixed content issue. There is no way to redirect to HTTPS instead of HTTP site.

We can reproduce this on Rad Editor Demo site by making site as HTTPS and click on XHTML Validator icon.

Could you please add that feature?
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Posted on: 08 Sep 2023 13:11

Hi IS,

Can you please test the W3C Validator dialog after upgrading your project to R2 2023 or even better the latest version?

The W3C Validator dialog was fixed in R1 2023 SP1 and improved in R2 2023 so the reported issue here should be not available in the latest version.


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