Last Updated: 02 Jun 2022 15:21 by ADMIN
Release R2 2022 SP1
Created by: Rathna
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Category: SkinManager
Type: Bug Report

The RadSkinManager has some missing controls(e.g. RadCard) in the ControlTypeToApplySkin definition, hence the following approach does not work for it:

skinmanager.TargetControls.Add(ControlTypeToApplySkin.RadCard ,"Vista"); //ControlTypeToApplySkin.RadCard does not exist

Last Updated: 30 Jan 2020 07:17 by ADMIN
When loading custom skin trough  RadSkinManager -> Skins -> SkinReference.Path, the logic inside RadSkinManager.FillNonEmbeddedSkinsInfo does not work correctly: in order to load ComboBox.MySkin.css, per say, it requires ComboBox folder to be present inside the custom skin folder.
Last Updated: 23 Oct 2015 12:17 by Edward
Setting the EnableEmbeddedSkins Property within the web.config doesn't work for applications that have multiple clients that have there own masterpage and skins. Dropping the RadSkinManager into the masterpage and having the ablity to set this property at that level would be a great addition.