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Created by: XicoFininho
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Hi support,

Could you please let us know if you will be adding signature and annotations to the PDF viewer?

If so could you give me an estimate when this could be expected?

I'm currently looking at another product that has this facilities but would prefer to continue to use Telerik.

Thank you.


Kind Regards,



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Created by: Albert
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When viewing a PDF file in the RadPdfViewer, hyperlinks in the file are not clickable.

Can clickable hyperlinks be added to RadPdfViewer?

Under Review
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Created by: Devran
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Hello there,

We want to use pdf viewer on a web form page that users use to search.

Do we have the opportunity to mark(HighLights) the words users are looking for in the document which is opened in the viewer?


I added a document to be an example,


For example, we want to highlight the word "computer" on the viewer .



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Created by: Valerio
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is there a way to applay for a Page rotation on RadPdfViewer?

I cannot find nothing about.