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Created by: Neale Hayes
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We are trying to get our site to be WCAG AA compliant however the Telerik DatePicker appears to have inline styling on the second popup for month selection:

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Scheduled for R3 2021
Created by: Jeff
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Category: DatePicker
Type: Feature Request

There are accessibility issues with the calendar portion of the DatePicker which can be seen in the following demo:


  • JAWS does not announce the selected date in the Date GridWhile running JAWS, open the calendar and use the arrow keys to move through the date grid. Notice that JAWS does not announce the date numbers, so there's no way to know what date is currently focused. 
  • The TAB does not refocus the DateInput back from the popup While the calendar is open, press the Tab key. Note that focus leaves the calendar. Even if the Tab is not the preferred form of navigation, it should be trapped as long as the calendar widget is open so that it cannot interrupt the user's interaction with the control.
  • Escape does not focus the DateInput/Escape does not work in Firefox - While the calendar is open and focused, press the escape key to close it. Note that focus is not returned to the calendar button. It's set top of the page. The calendar button IS focused when a date is selected from the calendar, so it should be possible to do the same when closing the calendar via any other means.
  • No direct way to select the prev/next month and year buttons - While the calendar is open and focused, note that there is no way to focus and use the month and year changing buttons in the calendar header.

All of the above were tested in both Chrome, IE, and Firefox.

Combined, these issues seem to break accessibility for both low-vision and keyboard-only users. Any improvements you can make in future releases would be greatly appreciated.

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Currently, the enter key is not closing the popup when pressed on the already selected date. Can be tested in https://demos.telerik.com/aspnet-ajax/datepicker/accessibilityandinternationalization/wcag2.0andsection508accessibility/defaultcs.aspx

Note: The popup calendar can be closed with Esc key in this case

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Markup to reproduce:

<telerik:RadDatePicker Runat="server" MaxDate="11/10/2020" MinDate="11/10/2020" EnableKeyboardNavigation="true" EnableAriaSupport="false"></telerik:RadDatePicker>

Open the popup calendar and try to navigate with the arrow keys. JavaScript error is thrown


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Created by: Neale Hayes
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1) There is no element with the id or name as the value of the aria-controls attribute of the dateinput button with enabled ARIA support. 

2) The aria-valuemin and aria-valuemax attribute are not valid on role=textbox

To fix these, the following workarounds can be used

Option 1: OnClientLoad event of the DateInput element inside the DatePicker

function DatePickerOnClientLoad(sender) { setTimeout(function () { $telerik.$(sender.get_element()).parent().find("[role=button][aria-controls]").removeAttr("aria-controls");
$telerik.$(sender.get_element()).removeAttr("aria-valuemin").removeAttr("aria-valuemax") }) }


Option 2: using Sys.Application.Load event

function pageLoadHandler() {
    // Sys.Application.remove_load(pageLoadHandler);  




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For the date picker and it's family of controls (time picker, date time picker), when using bootstrap skin, lightweight rendering and RTL page, the buttons for the picker are displayed on the wrong side of the control (the right side) instead of being displayed on the left side. I know this can be fixed using some CSS but although the html controls are in order (text and then button both in a container with RTL), the button is stuck to the right side somehow

please advise

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In much of the work we do, we need the user to pick a date-from and date-to.  Currently, this means making two distinct controls and having to write validation to ensure that date 1 must be before date 2.  Many sites, such as hotel booking sites, have a date-period selector as a single control and it would be great to have this available as part of the ASP.NET AJAX suite.  I believe that a date-period-selector tool is available as part of other Telerik control suites, so I was rather hoping that it could make an appearance for us too.  Thanks!