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I have an ASP.NET Ajax Telerik Solution (site) that has a web site project and a library project.  The solution was developed almost 8 years ago and so far I've been able to upgrade telerik controls  several times without any problem. Now, when I tried to upgrade the Telerik controls using the Upgrade Wizard Project only shows the class library as you can see in the attached picture.

To replicate this beahavior:

1. Create a new Telerik VB Webform Site
2. Add a Class Library Net Framework project to the solution.
3. Add a reference to Telerik.Web.UI to the Class Library project (optional).
4. Save and close solution.
5. Reopen it and run the Telerik Upgrade Wizard Project.

It only shows the Class Library project ...

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Requesting Keyboard navigation be implemented for the Org Chart control to support 508 Accessibility.
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I was looking around to develop a web app that allows streaming camera view in order to take pictures, showing the previews, letting cancel/retake or transfer (upload/save) them.

I started from the input control, that makes more or less what I need, but start a video streaming, letting the user simply to capture frame from it to save pictures, is more user friendly and simplify a lot the workflow.

So I started to work with video element, canvas and FloatingActionsButton, hitting against many issues, starting from the different browsers compatibilities.

I was just wondering if Telerik would never implement such a camera + gallery component, in order to take and manage pictures easily and cross platform.

Thank you, kind regards