In Development
Last Updated: 19 Sep 2023 08:21 by ADMIN
Scheduled for 2023 R3 (11.10.2023)

Due to wrong project type detection, most of the menu and context menu commands are not available for web application projects.

The following commands are missing:

- Configure project
- Add [DPL] references
- Add Telerik Scenario...
- More Scenarios...
- the commands for individual scenarios
- the project context menu


The following commands are available but are not expected to be available:

- Create New Telerik Project

In Development
Last Updated: 05 Sep 2023 10:34 by ADMIN
Scheduled for R3 2023
The RadMultiSelect implementation has one error that WCAG 4.1.1 parsing is catching. There is a duplicate span with the same id.

Found in the page source of the demo page (similar to how I implemented as well):

<select name="ctl00$ContentPlaceholder1$RadMultiSelect1" multiple="" id="ctl00_ContentPlaceholder1_RadMultiSelect1" class="RadMultiSelect RadMultiSelect_Silk" style="width:400px;">
<span id="ctl00_ContentPlaceholder1_RadMultiSelect1_WebServiceCDS" style="display:none;"></span><input id="ctl00_ContentPlaceholder1_RadMultiSelect1_ClientState" name="ctl00_ContentPlaceholder1_RadMultiSelect1_ClientState" type="hidden" />
</select><span id='ctl00_ContentPlaceholder1_RadMultiSelect1_WebServiceCDS' style='display:none'></span>