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Last Updated: 29 Apr 2021 11:32 by ADMIN
I would like to use the RadGantt control in combination with my own RadWindow that would pop up as an edit control when clicking on a row in the treeview control of that object. There currently appear to be no client side events on the treeview. 

I would like the treeview to have a third mode that is not exactly "ReadOnly=True" or "ReadOnly=False", but would allow the row to be highlighted on click. The row data would not be editable, and clicking anywhere in a row would raise a client side event that I could trap.

Thanks for considering.
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In the RadGantt, when using WebServices with the Gantt, there is no OnClientRequestEnd client side event.

We have a scenario where we're wanting to be able to track whether or not an insert/update event succeeded (and update a control elsewhere on our page if it did) or failed (and show an alert if it didn't). however there is currently no event handler for when WebService requests from the RadGantt have completed.
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Last Updated: 01 Mar 2021 09:43 by ADMIN
Created by: Rumen
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Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
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You can give your vote if you want to have a switch button in the Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX suite. See the attachment for more information.
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Created by: David
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Category: Navigation
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When building Responsive webpages the Telerik navigation control to use is RadNavigation because it properly resizes when the screen is rotated unlike the RadMenu.  

However RadNavigation doesn't seem to have a way to see my current location within a website which is where the breadcrumb come is.

The addition of breadcrumb integration with RadNavigation would benefit Responsive web designer using the Telerik controls.