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I'm facing JavaScript issues after enabling "Telerik.ScriptManager.EnableHandlerEncryption" on Web.config,

I've just followed Encrypt Telerik WebResource Querystring in order to hide the Telerik version.

After this the RadMenu breaks when i do a PostBack action (by pressing a button), the console outputs the same error when hovering a RadMenuItem and the submenus has stop being displayed.

The console error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'apply')
  at Type.callBaseMethod (Telerik.Web.UI.WebRe...=:6:7353)
  at c.RadMenuItem._createChildControls (Telerik.Web.UI.WebRe...=:5300:49)
  at c.RadMenuItem._ensureChildControls (Telerik.Web.UI.WebRe...=:2770:72)
  at c.RadMenuItem._getChildren (Telerik.Web.UI.WebRe...=:2768:32)
  at c.RadMenuItem.get_items (Telerik.Web.UI.WebRe...=:3552:36)
  at c.RadMenuItem._onItemMouseOver (Telerik.Web.UI.WebRe...=:4159:8)
  at Telerik.Web.UI.EventMap._onDomEvent (Telerik.Web.UI.WebRe...=:3289:6)
  at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (Telerik.Web.UI.WebRe...=:6:307)
  at HTMLDivElement.b (Telerik.Web.UI.WebRe...=:623:53)

I've tested this error with version 2020.2.617.45 and 2022.3.913 but the same problem.

Looking in the forum i've found this post with a related issue also a reply has a reference to a private feedback and this last one seems to be the same or almost the same problem, so i've tried to follow the workaround on "global.asax" file and "Page_Load" on the master page without luck.

The steps i've follow:

  • Enabling "Telerik.ScriptManager.EnableHandlerEncryption".
  • Site seems working correctly.
  • I press a RadButton inside a RadAjaxPane.
  • Response from server is OK.
  • Then i hover the cursor on RadMenuItems on RadMenu.
  • Console starts to show the related error explaining above.
  • RadMenu stops to present the submenus completely.

I'd like to have another way to workaround this in order to make RadMenu work properly again and keep Telerik version hidden.


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Created by: eDAD
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Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
Type: Bug Report

Test Environment:

OS: Windows_11

Version: 22H2
OS Build: 22598.200
Browser: Version 104.0.1293.70 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  1. Open URL:   page in Edge Browser.
  2. TAB to the grid container.
  3. Observe the issue that the grid container is receiving focus.

Actual Behavior:

Focus moves on non-interactive controls.

Expected Behavior:

Focus shouldn't go to the non-interactive element in table content.

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OS: Windows_11
Version: 21H2
OS Build: 22000.795
Browser: Version 103.0.1264.71 (Official build) (64-bit)

Screen Reader: NVDA (2021.3)


1. Open URL Telerik Web UI Grid Overview Demo | Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX page in edge browser and turn on NVDA.

2. Navigate to next/previous controls in browse mode on the over view page.

3. Observe the issue.


In browse mode, name property is not announced by the screen reader for next/previous buttons.


In browse mode, Screen reader should announce a name p:roperty 'First, Next, Previous and Last page' for the controls.


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Created by: Anders Mad.
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Category: Grid
Type: Bug Report


Heres a simple one: I have a dynamic grid `MasterTableView.EnableColumnsViewState = false;` on page init and all works fine. However, when the client/browser show a dynamic column thats hidden (or vise versa), and the column is gone on postback (being a dynamic grid this can happen), the LoadClientState tries to get the column - and if it fails to, it breaks down hard.. Instead it should just ignore it, as its just a pretty un-important show/hide state.

Your RadGrid code goes something like this:

LoadClientState ->
if (clientState.ContainsKey("showedColumns")) ->
control.GetColumn(columnUniqueName).Display = true; <-- just ignore this if not found - also on the others like hide, resize etc.


Thank you!... +1 for making this html editor a MD flavor instead :)


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Created by: John
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Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request

Noticed that when using a template to custom define the pager look, the pager gets rendered in a TD and not a TH as expected since the pager is in a THEAD.  Could the header pager only be modified to render in TH?  This would allow all elements in the header to render the same and help with styling.