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Created on: 23 Jan 2023 12:07
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dropdown horizontal

Hi, I am Lavanya!

in my dropdown list, there are horizontal layouts I need to change to the vertical dropdown list

and also I have attached bar data in that I need to make a dropdown filter of the month how can I use that

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Posted on: 24 Jan 2023 11:26

Hello, Lavanya,

You can bind the DropDownList to a dataset of objects by using its textField property:

For more information on this matter, you can check the following article:

Regarding the horizontal alignment, the dropdown list renders `li` elements, and any global CSS styling applied on the page might affect their rendering as well. For example, applying "display: inline-block;" to the 'li' elements will cause the same issue. This can be fixed by setting display to `block` instead:

On case you have any further questions on this matter just open a primary support ticket and we will be glad to assist you further.

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