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Paul Wood
Created on: 29 Sep 2022 03:34
Type: Feature Request
DatePicker Month/Year selection not clear at all

After significant amounts of negative feedback we have now stopped using the KendoReact DatePicker as the calendar part of the control doesn't make it clear how to change the month/year. I am aware that you click on the {Month Year} label at the top, but this is obviously not intuitive at all based on the extensive user feedback (it took me a while to figure out the first time as well).

When you start using the control for older dates (e.g. Date of Birth), scrolling is just not feasible particularly on mobile and so users get incredibly frustrated as they just want to change the month/year in a more manual manner to go back in time significantly. Many other date picker controls use visual cues such as up/down carets next to the Month/Year to suggest it can be adjusted.

Please get your UX experts to look at improving this as it could be a really simple fix that would make a massive difference to users

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Konstantin Dikov
Posted on: 05 Oct 2022 17:10

Hi Paul,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

I agree that the Date Pickers usability (on mobile devices especially) can be improved. I will forward your feedback to the KendoReact team manager and to the UX team and hopefully they can evaluate the feedback and plan improvement for the future releases.

We will also follow the interest from other developers in the feature request, which can further increase the priority of the item.

Once again, thank you for your feedback.


Konstantin Dikov
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