Last Updated: 01 Sep 2022 06:01 by ADMIN
Created on: 31 Aug 2022 22:42
Type: Feature Request
Select all items for the tree view component with a keyboard combination


I would like to be able to select all items from the treeview using a keyboard combination, I mean something like select an item +press and hold shift key and select another item and all items in between get selected.

I know there is a way to select all items using a button but the user does not want this approach.

Next image is the functionality that we want and we want to know if there is a way to achieve it


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Posted on: 01 Sep 2022 06:01

Hi, Franklin,

Thank you for the submitted feature request.

As the information in the tickets is not publicly available, I have updated the FR description with the information from the ticket, so the other clients would be able to understand and vote for it.

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