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Created on: 26 Aug 2022 22:44
Type: Feature Request
Snapping Axis Crosshair for scatter line chart


I would like to request a feature for the scatter line type chart for the crosshair line depending on axis to snap to points on the scatter chart. 
An example of this would be like showing X axis crosshair only and having on hover of mouse to snap to nearest dot. (not showing crosshair between points, but always on a point.)

The closest working example I can find of this on kendo react is the bar chart for crosshair tool tip first example https://www.telerik.com/kendo-react-ui/components/charts/chart/elements/crosshairs/ but after talking to support it does not support scatter line chart.

but only with category axis(X axis). 

The desired behavior would be the above but on a scatter line chart using separate axis y or x crosshair only and having them to snap to points instead of hovering between points. If you do hover between points, it should snap to nearest point to mouse cursor.

This sandbox has the behavior but only for a bar chart. https://stackblitz.com/edit/react-qnn9h4?file=app%2Fmain.jsx



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Posted on: 29 Aug 2022 07:26

Hi, Oleksandr,

Thank you for the submitted feature request. We will be monitoring it closely.

Regards, FilipProgress Telerik

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