Last Updated: 12 Aug 2021 04:53 by ADMIN
Created on: 11 Aug 2021 16:53
Category: KendoReact
Type: Feature Request
Would be nice to be able to control the list component of the multiselect component

MaterialUI exposes a `ListBoxComponent` prop on their dropdown components (https://material-ui.com/api/autocomplete/) it would be nice to have that exposed on the kendo multiselect as well.

Use cases include:

  • simplifying styling
  • Custom scroll bars for the dropdown

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Posted on: 12 Aug 2021 04:53

Hello, Mark,

Thank you for the request.

I transferred to the public feedback portal as this is how to monitor the interest for the feature. Then we plan it based on that.

I also already added your vote for convenience.

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