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Aria label attribute is not defined for button in 'Insert image' dialogue
Add accessibility insights for web extension for edge Anaheim(Dev) browser from https://accessibilityinsights.io/

  1. open the https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/ using valid credentials.
  2. Select 'reply' button.
  3. Navigate to 'Insert image' button and invoke it.
  4. Now Run the fast pass using Accessibility Insights for web and observe the failure 'label'.

Actual results:

Aria label attribute is not defined for button in 'Insert image' dialogue.

Narrator is announcing as 'No file chosen, choose file, button'.

Expected results:

Aria label attribute should be defined for button in 'Insert image' dialogue.


User Impact:

Adding effective form labels is absolutely necessary to make forms accessible. The purpose of form elements such as a checkboxes, radio buttons, input fields, etc. is often clear for sighted users, even if the form element is not programmatically labeled. This isn't usually the case for screen reader users. Adding a label to all form elements eliminates ambiguity and contributes to a more accessible product.

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Posted on: 06 Aug 2021 10:08

Hello, Kavitha,

I assume that this is for the custom images dialog and upload. If this is the case, the developer has access to these controls and added any necessary attributes to them:


We will also log a task to improve the demo accessibility.

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