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Created on: 24 Jun 2021 10:07
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Allow relevant [Inputs / Dropdowns] to customize their Popup component the same way as Date inputs do through the "popup" prop

Hello team,

We work on a product that features a large set of input components that are based on the Kendo inputs and dropdowns. We have custom designs that require us to customize the Popups of comboboxes, multi-selects, color pickers, etc with specific layout and styling, open/close animations, blur handling and keyboard interactions (e.g. closing on Esc). This is done fairly easy with the Date Input components (DatePicker, DateTimePicker, DateRangePicker, TimePicker) as they expose such property:

popup?: React.ComponentType<PopupProps>;

However most other controls that use a Popup internally expose just PopupSettings that is not enough for us even with the "appendTo" option.


We would be happy to see a similar ability (as in Date Inputs) to inject the Popup component in:

  • Components in the "@progress/kendo-react-dropdowns" package.
    Most of them simply reuse the same ListContainer component that renders the Popup.
  • ColorPicker in the "@progress/kendo-react-inputs" package.

I guess that customizing the popup in the DropDownButton, FloatingActionButton and SplitButton would also be nice to have but for those CSS styling does good enough job for us.



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Posted on: 24 Jun 2021 12:23

Hello, Stoyan,

Thank you for the request.

We will monitor the interest and plan it accordingly.

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