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Created on: 22 Jun 2020 14:48
Category: KendoReact
Type: Feature Request
Virtual scrolling for GridColumnMenuCheckboxFilter


- provide a boolean property "virtualScrolling" on component GridColumnMenuCheckboxFilter which allows rendering a large list of filter options without delay


- https://www.telerik.com/forums/gridcolumnmenucheckboxfilter-virtual-scrolling

Use case:

- there are a lot of options to filter already in memory

- the filter dropdown has to open quickly (it opens slowly now, because there are so many options)

- after opening, the user sees a huge list (i.e. a long scrollbar)

- so he starts making the list of options smaller using the search input

Here's a screenshot with 100 options. 



From a developer point of view I think a scrollable filter is the most convenient way to handle the problem.

An alternative would be to provide a handler whenever the user selects a combobox in the GridColumnMenuCheckboxFilter. Then we could cut the number of options after a threshold and an option / combobox labelled "show more". When this is clicked, the filter options are re-rendered, the lists gets longer - and the user will get annoyed and will making the list of options smaller using the search input.

An other alternative would be to have a possiblity to force the user right away to use the search box. Instead of showing the list of checkboxes a text would be shown: "1258 options. Please refine your search input." But this would be a more invasive option.

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Posted on: 23 Jun 2020 09:08

Hello, Christian,

Thank you for the feature request and all details around it.

We will monitor the interest and plan accordingly.

Until it is implemented I can suggest checking the following knowledge base article showing how a custom CheckboxFilter can be made, as this can help to integrate some of the suggestions in the current version of the Grid:



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