Last Updated: 02 Nov 2023 16:37 by Pitamber
Created on: 16 Oct 2019 11:46
Category: KendoReact
Type: Feature Request
Editor issue with hyperlink

When using the Editor tools from https://www.telerik.com/kendo-react-ui/components/editor/tools/, the hyperlink option is disabled until I type AND select the typed text in the editor. Because the hyperlink allows for a title and a link, I believe it should not be disabled.

Also, when adding the hyperlink and title, the title does not appear in the editor

For example:
I have an empty editor with no text.

I cannot click the hyperlink option - it is disabled. (Bug 1)

I type 'hey' into the editor and highlight it (select it).

I can now click on the hyperlink option.
I type in 'http://imstilloscar.com' for the Web Address.

I type in 'Oscar' for the title. (It does not matter if I click open in new window or not).

Click Insert.

The title 'Oscar' does not appear in the editor. (Bug 2)

The editor still contains the word 'hey' and links you to 'http://imstilloscar.com' 

Posted on: 02 Nov 2023 16:37
The confusion might be because of the title. The title is not the text you see for hyperlink. It's the hint  you see when you hover over the link
Posted on: 17 Oct 2019 09:29

Hello, Lauren,

Thank you for the details.

This behavior is by design, the title property is actually applied to the anchor element like a title attribute.

Still, adding the text and allowing to place a link directly without marking a content is a valid request, and I will make this an official feature request. This will allow the community to vote for it.

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