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Created on: 21 Feb 2024 13:32
Category: Kendo UI for Angular
Type: Bug Report
Editor paste event is triggered twice, when iframe encapsulation is set to false

Dear Kendo-Supportteam,

We are experiencing an issue with the Editor component.

It turns out that setting the iframe input to false causes the paste event to be triggered twice.
Once as documented before the valueChange event and once seemingly as the native paste event after valueChange.

There are multiple issues resulting from this.

  1. Calling preventDefault on the initial event also does NOT prevent the native event from triggering directly after. Only the following events from the Editor itself are prevented.
  2. As the next event is the actual native event of type ClipboardEvent, the interface is different from what the type definitions suggest. Leading to errors, if the attached method tries to just call isDefaultPrevented on the event.

It is quite easy to reproduce this from your event demonstration examples by just setting the iframe input to false and maybe also trying to call isDefaultPrevented in the respective paste event handler.

Kind Regards,

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Posted on: 28 Feb 2024 10:01

Hi Hannah,

Thank you very much for the details provided.

Based on the information provided in the thread, I indeed managed to reproduce the double triggering of the paste event of the Kendo UI for Angular Editor when the iframe property of the component is set to false.

Having consulted the matter with our team, it turned out that the current behavior of the Editor component is indeed a bug on our side. For this reason, I logged an issue in our public GitHub repository and what I would suggest would be to subscribe to the issue in order to track the resolution process: 


As a token of gratitude for pointing out this issue to us, I updated your Telerik Points.

Please, let me know if I can further assist you with this case.

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