Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022 09:01 by Miroslav
Created by: Miroslav
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Category: FileSelect
Type: Feature Request

Currently, the title of the Select button says always "No file chosen". That is due to the input element being re-rendered with a new one each time a file is selected.

What could be done to set a custom title for the Select button is to set a "title" attribute to the kendo-fileselect tag.

The title could be further enhanced so that it is localizable.

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Created by: Rahul
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Category: FileSelect
Type: Feature Request
Hi we want to restrict users to select only five files at a time. after 5 files users shouldnt be able to select more. Currently we only have single or multiple files but a specific number of max files is not there.
Last Updated: 09 Jun 2021 15:37 by ADMIN
I'm using FileSelect as part of a reactive form.  I set file restrictions for allowedExtentions and maxFileSize.  If one of the files violate these restrictions, I would expect the form and the form control to have an error, but both are in VALID state.