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when someone clicks on a date in the middle of the component, it will scroll the component instead of selecting the date.

This occurs in chrome and edge. In firefox this issue is not observed.


1. Open a datepicker (
2. Hover over tuesday (bootstrap theme), between tuesday and wednesday in default theme.
3. Click on the date.
4. The component scrolls instead of selecting the date.

The cursor also changes from pointer to default. It seems another component is on top of the tuesday column.

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Created by: Riccardo
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Category: Kendo UI for Angular
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I would like to have dedicated Drag&Drop component instead of doing some weird wrapper around Sortable.
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[isDisabled]="disabled || isDisabled(node, nodeIndex(index))"

Because of the hardcoded disabled property, isDisabled cannot be reliably used to control which item is disabled.

Disabling the parent node automatically disables the entire tree under it and isDisabled is never called for those items.


It should behave like other functions - isChecked, isExpanded, isVisible etc - where you have full control over which item does what.

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Created by: Julian
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we request the feature, to have the possiblity, to create a new event, by doing a slot click + dragging the mouse + release to create a new event.

Can we expect this feature or do you can suggest a workaround using existing functionality to get a similar functionality?


Thank you!

Best regards

Julian Hochstetter