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Category: Kendo UI for Angular 2+
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I need access to Sketch support files containing the existing UI elements for Kendo for Angular so that I can create comps for my design. 

Ideally this would be a collection of sketch symbols that match the current Kendo UI design. 
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Created by: MatjaĆŸ
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Category: Kendo UI for Angular 2+
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Please add theme based on CSS variables. That would allow developers to change theme at run-time and offer our customers similar experience that most (large) web sites offers, like Gmail, Office 365 online ...

Also, in the long run, this could be the only theme that's needed. All others could be based on this one.

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Created by: Robert
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Category: Charts
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Describe the bug
The <kendo-chart-series-item> component is missing settings for median and mean elements rendered by Box Plot series.

These are the two lines within each box (dashed line is mean):

Expected behavior
These series elements should be customizable and should accept an object containing color, width, dashType and opacity.

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1.) Use grouping functionality for the drop list's data.

2.) Have at least one item disabled. (Easiest to replicate if the first item is disabled)

3.) Click on dropdown to open the popup.

4.) If first item is disabled notice the group it belongs to is not displayed in the popup. If the first item isn't disabled scroll until disabled item is at the top of the list and the group information will be cleared.


Easily replicated if you modify the stackblitz from this page to disable the first item in the list



"Meat" should be displayed in that empty row at the top. Lines 12 and 26-28 are the only modifications made to the code found at the url above.


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When using virtual scrolling and the data changes, then it might be desireable to programmatically scroll to top or to scroll to a row containing the data of interest.
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Created by: Lynden
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Can you include the type property on the interface WorkbookSheetRow?

Reasoning: it is useful to filter out rows based on their type and having this available just makes life easier.


Code snippet below.

/** * The sheets rows configuration. */ export interface WorkbookSheetRow { /** * The cells of the every row. Each cell represents a cell from the final Excel document. */ cells?: WorkbookSheetRowCell[]; /** * The zero-based index of the row in the sheet. Defaults to the index of the object in the array. */ index?: number; /** * The row height in pixels. */ height?: number;


*The type of row as string