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Created by: Mitchell
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Category: DateRange
Type: Bug Report

The date range picker is not closing when tabbing through inputs when the picker is appended to the 'component'. It also seems that once the date range picker loses focus, it does not close by clicking anywhere else in the document until it regains focus again or the document loses focus.


I reproduced it in Stackblitz and attached a video. In the video there is a button after the date picker that logs to the console when it gains focus. Focus starts at the top of the document, start tabbing until the date range picker pops up, then continue tabbing through the date range picker until the button below the picker gains focus. As you can see the date range picker does not close. Here is the Stackblitz editor link to this: https://stackblitz.com/edit/kendo-daterange-bug?file=app/app.component.ts




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Created by: Dzmitry
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Category: Kendo UI for Angular 2+
Type: Bug Report


Recurrency "End On" date in datepicker is different with RecurrencyRule's one.

Steps to reproduce:

open series from the example,  set Recurrency's End selector to date option, set date to Sep 9th.

Actual result: recurrency rule contains UNTIL=20200910T000000Z.

Save and open series again: recurrency's End date is now Sep 10th.

Changing it to Sep 9th and saving brings no changes.

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Created by: Adolfo
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Category: Kendo UI for Angular 2+
Type: Bug Report

How to reproduce:

1.- Make a grid with master detail

2.- In master detail make a grid

3.- Create a context menu with options for the grid with a method so that when you click an option from the context menu it does something (console.log('Hello') for example)

4.- Create a context menu with options for the subgrid with another method so that when you click an option from the context menu it does something different (console.log('Goodbye') for example)

5.- When you click on an option from the context menu of the subgrid it will not call its function (console.log ('Goodbye')), it will call the function that triggers the context menu of the grid that contains the subgrid (console.log('Hello')

Even if a function is not set in the context menu of the subgrid it calls the function from the top context menu.

I solved it using 1 function for all context menus, but it doesn't seem like the best way to me

Need More Info
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I'm using FileSelect as part of a reactive form.  I set file restrictions for allowedExtentions and maxFileSize.  If one of the files violate these restrictions, I would expect the form and the form control to have an error, but both are in VALID state.
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Created by: Mark
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Category: Kendo UI for Angular 2+
Type: Bug Report

If ComboBox is used in a form and its required, screen readers will not pick up this information since it is not passed on to the underlying input field.

The example a nice workaround, but a final solution should have this automatically implemented by the control.


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Created by: Merlin
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Category: Grid
Type: Bug Report

In Version 74.0.3729.108 (official Build) (64-Bit) of chrome, a defined grid with no predefined style property does not scroll properly. 

There is a live-demo on Stackblitz at https://stackblitz.com/edit/angular-b38r7s-jzsgty


This is a fork of the demo example from the kendo-angular-ui documentation available at


In the example, the scrollable grid was defined with a height property. This does not feet to our requirements, as we need a grid component that should flex according to the outside or parent container. 

This problem occured after the update of chrome browser from 73.0.XXX to the version 74.0.3729.108

The problem is fixed when we defined a grid with a height property like [style.height.%] = “100” but according to the documentation the grid should flex automatically without this property. 

In Development
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Created by: Robert
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Category: Charts
Type: Bug Report

Describe the bug
The <kendo-chart-series-item> component is missing settings for median and mean elements rendered by Box Plot series.

These are the two lines within each box (dashed line is mean):

Expected behavior
These series elements should be customizable and should accept an object containing color, width, dashType and opacity.

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Created by: Michael
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Category: Editor
Type: Bug Report

Steps to reproduce:

Create fresh angular 9+ project : ng new angular9-kendo-editor-test

run cmd to add editor module: ng add @progress/kendo-angular-editor

Add config to serve es5 generated scripts so IE will work: https://medium.com/better-programming/how-to-fix-your-angular-app-when-its-not-working-in-ie11-eb24cb6d9920

run cmd to serve es5 config: ng serve --configuration es5

Open IE and browse to http://localhost:4200

Open developer tools, observe there is a script error

Comment out the EditorModule import in app.module.ts and you can see the app now works...




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When i refresh page wich contains Editor i give error -  Cannot read property 'createElement' of null wheb i refresh page


i try hide edtor while not initilized, content initilized, this dont help

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Created by: Marc
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Category: Kendo UI for Angular 2+
Type: Bug Report

1. Reproduction

import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { SchedulerEvent } from '@progress/kendo-angular-scheduler';
import { sampleData, displayDate } from './events-utc';

    selector: 'my-app',
    template: `
      <button (click)="days=1">1 day</button>
      <button (click)="days=3">3 days</button>
        <kendo-scheduler [kendoSchedulerBinding]="events" [selectedDate]="selectedDate"
                         startTime="07:00" endTime="19:00"
                         style="height: 600px;">
            <kendo-scheduler-multi-day-view [numberOfDays]="days">


export class AppComponent {
    public selectedDate: Date = displayDate;
    public events: SchedulerEvent[] = sampleData;
    days = 1;
  • in app make sure, the multi-day view is active
  • you'll see one day
  • click on button "3 days" 

2. Expectation

  • I expect to see 3 days 

3. Result

  • I still see 1 day (like in the first screenshot)
  • I have to switch view mode to e.g. week and back to get the desired result

4. Remarks

  • In section "Additional Information" I'll note the information of my project, wich differ from the StackBlitz example. Anyhow the problem occurs in the StackBlitz an in my project
  • I'll note browser and browser version. But the problem does also occur in the latest version of the other major browser.
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Scheduled for 2020.3
Created by: Clint Singer
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Category: Grid
Type: Bug Report


It seems there is an issue with the material theme and nested grids.   When you have master-detail nested grids, the entire last nested grid gets applied with the same styling as the bottom rows of all the other nested grid. 

The styling in my browser is showing up as

.k-grid .k-grid-content tr:last-child td.k-grid .k-grid-content-locked tr:last-child td {
  1. border-bottom-width: 0;


Which causes the rows in the last grid to not appear.   

I have attached an image where I have changed the styling to 5px and red so you can see that it is being incorrectly styled.  You can see that even the other rows in in the last grid are getting styled along with the last row style.

I am running the latest version of Kendo.



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Created by: Akhileshwar
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Category: FloatingLabel
Type: Bug Report
 We have an issue with 'floatingLabel' when used with combobox.


To reproduce/see the issue please replace/run the below code in any Kendo - combobox example.

step 1: Click inside combobox
Step 2: Press Esc key
Step 3: Start typing combobox items
As a result we can see that label overlaps with value inside combobox which is an issue. Can you please provide some quick resolution on this. Thanks

import { Component } from '@angular/core';
  selector: 'my-app',
  template: `
  <kendo-textbox-container floatingLabel="First name">
export class AppComponent {
  public listItems: Array<{ text: string, value: string }> = [
    { text: "Small", value: '' },
    { text: "Medium", value: '2' },
    { text: "Large", value: '3' }

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Kendo version :

@progress/kendo-angular-buttons: 5.4.1



How to reproduce :

- Add a kendo dropdown button with some items

- Use appendTo='component' popupSetting

- Bind itemClick and close events


Stackblitz example : https://stackblitz.com/edit/kendo-dropdownbuttons-keyboardnavigation?file=app/app.component.ts


What happens :

- If you use arrows to navigate through items, is always skip one item.

- If you use enter or space to select item, the popup close and reopen immediately.

- If you prevent close as in the stackblitz example : enter and space will fire twice the itemClick event.

In Development
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1.) Use grouping functionality for the drop list's data.

2.) Have at least one item disabled. (Easiest to replicate if the first item is disabled)

3.) Click on dropdown to open the popup.

4.) If first item is disabled notice the group it belongs to is not displayed in the popup. If the first item isn't disabled scroll until disabled item is at the top of the list and the group information will be cleared.


Easily replicated if you modify the stackblitz from this page https://www.telerik.com/kendo-angular-ui/components/dropdowns/dropdownlist/grouping/ to disable the first item in the list



"Meat" should be displayed in that empty row at the top. Lines 12 and 26-28 are the only modifications made to the code found at the url above.


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Created by: Andrew
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Category: MultiSelect
Type: Bug Report

On the DropDownList Grouping page and the MultiSelect Groping page, the first label (Meat) does not show in IE 11.

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Created by: Troels
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Category: Grid
Type: Bug Report

When using the Grid control inside an Angular component which is shown in a dialog (via MatDialog), the component is not properly destroyed after closing the dialog. The same problem doesn't occur when the component instead contains, say, a TreeView.

The problem occurs in Angular 8 and 9, in the Chrome browser. I've created an Angular 8 demo here: https://stackblitz.com/edit/angular-thr9j1 and an Angular 9 demo here: https://stackblitz.com/edit/angular-ksfrqy

Run the demo, press the "Open dialog" button a number of times, then take a heap snapshot in the Chrome dev console (be sure to first select the proper Javascript VM instance, containing "angular-thr9j1" or "angular-ksfrqy"). The component shown in the dialog is called "MemoryLeakDialogComponent", so use that as a filter. You'll see that for every time you opened the dialog there's now an instance of the component on the heap.

The MemoryLeakDialogComponent contains just an empty kendo-grid tag with no attributes. If you edit its dialog template to instead contain a kendo-treeview component, everything is properly destroyed and garbage collected, which leads me to suspect a memory leak in the Grid component.

Pending Review
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Created by: Maikel
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Category: Calendar
Type: Bug Report

When you implement the activeViewDateChange and scroll through the calendar, the event is properly triggered.

But when you navigate through the calendar using the month navigation, this event is only triggered(multiple times) when you skip at least 1 month

Sample code - Kendo event sample code: https://www.telerik.com/kendo-angular-ui/components/dateinputs/calendar/#toc-events



Current month: Januari

Next month: Februari

Expectation: (activeDateChange: 1-2-2020)

Result: - / not triggered

Current month: Januari

Next month: June

Expectation: (activeDateChange: 1-6-2020)

Result: (activeDateChange - 1-5-2020), (activeDateChange - 1-6-2020) / event triggered twice

Pending Review
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Created by: André
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Category: Kendo UI for Angular 2+
Type: Bug Report

I found a bug in your last update in this package:


The bug causes the modal not to show up.

In this bug you need to allways start the HTML files with the tag <kendo-dialog> and end the files </kendo-dialog> to fix the problem, which did not happen in previous versions of the package.

This bug is an issue because not even your tutorials work because of this.

Will you fix this?

Best regards André Lourenço

Pending Review
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Scheduled for 2020.2
Created by: Maikel
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Category: Kendo UI for Angular 2+
Type: Bug Report



Currently, the kendo theme for bootstrap overrides the default bootstrap custom component styles.

For example, the kendo checkbox has a default #FFF background but the bootstrap custom checkbox has a grey-ish background, which is always the same as the disabled style.

$custom-control-indicator-bg <--- this should be #FFF


Could this be changed back to the default bootstrap values?

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Created by: Ali
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Category: Calendar
Type: Bug Report

Dear Support Team,

Although I changed my locate to 'fa-IR', the kendo UI date picker did not change to Hijri or Jalali Calendar and it just translated the text of the gregorian calendar!

Is this a bug? or I should do something to use the Persian calendar?

Best regards

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