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With user resizing window back and forth it will be great if TileLayout can be set to automatically determine number of columns based on columnWidth
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Hi Team,

Adding the ability to resize the TileLayout in both the left and right directions would be an excellent feature enhancement for the component.

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The TileLayout resizing and reordering functionalities do not work as expected when the component is positioned within a container with absolute or relative position. The position of the dragged item is offset with the offset of the parent container.

Please provide the necessary adjustments to enable placing the TileLayout in containers with absolute or relative position and keeping its resizing and reordering functionalities.

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Created by: Didier
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Hi Team,

Currently, the developers can set the number of columns through the columns input property and the number of rows is determined automatically by the current tiles and AutoFlow configuration.

It will be a nice feature to have the opportunity to set the number of rows regardless of the tiles configuration.

Thank you.

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I am using Kendo tile layout and generating the tile layout item dynamically based on the array. Tiles are generated properly, however, when I resize or reorder the tile, it does not update the bound array item using 2 way binding (column object in this case). I have tried [col], [colSpan], [rowSpan] as well as [(col)],[(colSpan)],[(rowSpan)] however none of these works.

I know I can handle (reorder) and (resize) event to manually update the array item, however, is there a way the bound item can be updated using 2 way binding without the need of handling it in events.

Sample code below

                        *ngFor="let column of columnList" title="Tile1" [col]="column.col"
                        [colSpan]="column.colSpan" [rowSpan]="column.rowSpan">
                          // My code here



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The TileLayout is a great addition to the jQuery version of Kendo UI. It would be great to have it also as a native component for the Angular version.

And by the way, it would be even greater if you would also add persistence for size and order of the tiles.