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I am using Kendo tile layout and generating the tile layout item dynamically based on the array. Tiles are generated properly, however, when I resize or reorder the tile, it does not update the bound array item using 2 way binding (column object in this case). I have tried [col], [colSpan], [rowSpan] as well as [(col)],[(colSpan)],[(rowSpan)] however none of these works.

I know I can handle (reorder) and (resize) event to manually update the array item, however, is there a way the bound item can be updated using 2 way binding without the need of handling it in events.

Sample code below

                        *ngFor="let column of columnList" title="Tile1" [col]="column.col"
                        [colSpan]="column.colSpan" [rowSpan]="column.rowSpan">
                          // My code here



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Created by: Holger
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Category: TileLayout
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The TileLayout is a great addition to the jQuery version of Kendo UI. It would be great to have it also as a native component for the Angular version.

And by the way, it would be even greater if you would also add persistence for size and order of the tiles.