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Created by: Tom
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Hi team,

Currently, the ButtonGroup component supports two selection modes - single and multiple

However, there is no option for restricting the selection to a certain number of selected buttons (like having multiple selection but restricted to some number, like [maxSelected]="2" which will allow selecting max 2 buttons at a time).



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Created by: Kristiyan
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Hello Telerik Team,

I would like to propose a feature request: currently, the <kendo-buttongroup> is not keeping track of toggled button/s, so it would be a good idea to implement this. My solution right now is 

<kendo-buttongroup class="view-mode-group"
<button class="group-button"
[selected]="isModeSelected$(0) | async">Imported Messages

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Created by: Andreas
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Support for ButtonGroup in reactive forms to select a sinlge value. It would be great if it would work with typescript enums.
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Created by: John
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I need to set the initial state of a button group!  If I am using a buttongroup to represent a value, then how do I set the initial state?!  

How was this not thought of??