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Created by: Krishna
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Hi Team!

As of now, when the DateInputs components are in adaptive mode, there is no option for clearing their value. I would like to have an option for such a feature. 

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Created by: Jay
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Below are some features we would like to have

Optionally remove the date input mask, so user will be able to type the date as free text field
- But when invalid, should change to previous value on blur
- Also to navigate out of datepickers user have to press tab multiple times
- Copy paste date should work as in free text field
- Select full date by mouse double click to copy
- User is responsible to copy date in proper format to work, or it should fall back to previous value

Next previous option in calendar view
- Next previous button in the calendar view instead of left navigation section

As we had discussed to be in feature request at: https://www.telerik.com/account/support-tickets/view-ticket/1388872

We already have similar feature requested as we know: https://feedback.telerik.com/kendo-angular-ui/1384025-cannot-copy-paste-date-between-2-datepickers

Thank you
Best regards
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Created by: Shawn
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To my users the auto-tab behavior confusing because when they type '1/', focus auto-tabs to the day section (US Format), but when they type '8/', focus is on the year because it already auto-tabbed after the 8 and then they have to back up to get focus to the day.

I would like to be able to configure the auto-tab behavior so that the DateInput only auto-tabs when they type '/' or when a section is full (i.e. disable smart auto-tabbing).
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Created by: Gina
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Like there was in the NG1 component, I am looking for a way to make it possible for the user to enter the date with the keyboard in different formats (e.g.D.M.YY, D.M.YYYY, DD.MM.YY, DD.MM.YYYY)
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Created by: Plamen Ratchev
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With the jQuery controls you had a nice feature that you could add multiple parse formats in which the value could be parsed and have a single one for displaying the value. In the Angular implementation you are limited to a single format that the user should follow, which is very inconvenient as different users are used to type differently. 

Would be nice to allow users to type a value in any format that is appropriate for their locale. For example I might want to accept M/d/yyM/d/yyyyM/d for dates, for example, and the date to "autocomplete" to the correct value once the user looses focus.