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Created on: 08 Oct 2021 12:29
Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request
Add an optional, generic type parameter for the data item of the Grid and its templates

Hi Kendo Angular team,

It will be a nice improvement if there is an option to set a specific type for the Grid data item and the templates. This will allow checking the types inside the templates when fullTemplateTypeCheck is on.

Posted on: 15 Oct 2021 06:55

Hi Sergei,

We had a discussion on this request in private ticket id : 1538466. I will add the information provided also here for public knowledge.

Indeed the team has plans to remove the use of "any" and provide a way to set type to the data and templates, including other components. At this point, we cannot provide a specific ETA that the enhancement would be implemented as we typically abstain from giving exact timelines as we would not like to make promises that we might not be able to hold.

The best way to receive updates for this enhancement is to subscribe to the GitHub issue and follow the feedback thread.

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Posted on: 08 Oct 2021 13:22
Kendo team needs to step up and get rid of all "any" types in the API.
Posted on: 08 Oct 2021 12:35
Wow, it has been only 20 minutes since it was created and it is already "Unplaned"! We need type checking inside Grid templates.