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Created on: 16 Sep 2021 17:07
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Bug with the kendoGridGroupBinding directive and data input changes

There is a bug with the kendoGridGroupBinding directive when changing the input data and using virtual scrolling.  If you have many rows and scroll down to a lower virtual page and then change the input data to a small subset the grid will think there is no data.  And if you then change back to the full data set you have to start scrolling down before the grid repaints with data.  

Reproduction available here https://tyb2ys--run.stackblitz.io


1. scroll down halfway in the grid

2. click the "Show subset" button.  Note the grid shows the no records message but should show three rows

3. click the "Show all" button.  Now the grid shows the scrollbar and the no records message is gone but it is not showing data.  You have to scroll down past where you previously were with all data before it repaints the rows

One workaround is to have an ngIf on the grid to destroy and recreate the grid when the input data changes, something like this:


  private destroyAndRecreateGrid(): void {
      tap(t => {


Posted on: 24 Sep 2021 05:54

Hi Christopher,

Sorry for late response, we managed to make it work with injecting [kendoGroupBinding] directive and call its method to reset internal pagination of KendoGrid. Please refer to this stackblitz sample in order to observe this implementation.

Let us know if additional help would be needed.

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