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Created on: 14 May 2021 13:03
Category: DateTimePicker
Type: Feature Request
I need a DateTimePicker to work in UTC when this is different to the local machine time standard.

How do I get a DateTimePicker to work in UTC.
All the Date and Time pickers work in local time only.
Our App allows users to work in UTC or local time.
I am in the UK where local time is currently BST (UTC+1 hour), but our app needs to work world wide where the difference may be much greater.


There are workarounds:

a) Modifying the DateTime externally so that looks correct when rendered

b) Intercept the NOW and TODAY buttons so that appear to be working in UTC


However there are still problems as you state:

     * Note that not all UTC dates are representable as local dates due to
     * missing/ambigous hours during DST changes.


The only real and reliable solution is for Kendo to support UTC.

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Posted on: 17 May 2021 11:59

Hi Simon,

Thank you for the logged feature request. It is now available in our public Feedback Portal for voting at the following link:


The Feedback Portal helps us to generate ideas for enhancements and new features of Kendo UI for Angular. We track the demand for the different requests and plan our future development goals accordingly. We will further review the feature and see what our options are.

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