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Created on: 24 Feb 2021 17:53
Category: Kendo UI for Angular
Type: Feature Request
Provide a component for @mention in a textbox

Currently there is no component for adding text to an input from some datasource. There is an autocomplete but it does not allow mixing freetext and text coming from a datasource. And it only allows for one value.


What we need is exactly this  :  http://jeff-collins.github.io/ment.io/#/


Typing a special character in a textbox (#, or @) would bring a datalist the user can choose from.


Can this be implemented please  ?

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Posted on: 03 Mar 2021 13:48

Hello Samuel,

Thank you for the feature request it will examined for viability from our PMs , and eventually will be included in some of our future release.

I personally think that idea is very neat and already voted , you can invite other people to vote also.

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