Last Updated: 06 Oct 2021 08:13 by Cyril
Created on: 09 Apr 2019 11:33
Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request
Provide popupSettings option for the Column menu
Provide an option to pass custom popupSettings for the Column menu. This will allow to specify if the Column menu should be opened to the top or to the bottom.
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Posted on: 06 Oct 2021 08:13


We also need popupSettings but for different needs:

  1. We are not able to apply a custom style to this menu (need a way to set a CSS class)
  2. We have a UI glitch, the popup appears on top of other elements because there is no appendTo setting (defaults to root, I guess)

Unfortunately, it is not the first time we face issue with popups. Almost all of our support request refers to missing or incomplete popupSettings for Kendo UI components that involves a popup.

Hope one day it will be handled despite few "feature request votes". From our point of view, this is a component design issue. Having to use workarounds in production is clearly not confortable.