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Release 2024 Q2
Jacki Jenuth
Created on: 01 Apr 2024 09:03
Category: Editor
Type: Bug Report
Click on disabled button in toolbar makes it disappear until click outside of button within toolbar

When using Metro skin, if I click on a disabled button (Undo, Redo, Unlink and so on), its icon disappears until I click outside it.

This does not happen with MetroTouch, Silk or Default skin. How do I replicate the same behavior with Metro skin?

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Posted on: 01 Apr 2024 15:36

Hi Jacki,

Thank you for your bug report!

I was able to reproduce and log it for fixing.

The temporary solution I would suggest is adding the following CSS on the page with RadEditor which will fix the problem:

    html body form .RadEditor_Metro a.reToolDisabled li:hover .reToolDisabled,
    html body form .RadEditor_Metro a.reToolDisabled.reTool:hover,
    html body form .RadEditor_Metro a.reToolDisabled.reTool:active,
    html body form .RadEditor_Metro a.reToolDisabled.reTool:focus,
    html body form .RadEditor_Metro .reInsertTable a.reToolDisabled.reTool:hover:before,
    html body form .RadEditor_Metro a.reToolDisabled.reTool.reToolSelected,
    html body form .RadEditor_Metro a.reToolDisabled.reTool:hover .reSplitArrow,
    html body form .RadEditor_Metro a.reToolDisabled.reTool:active .reSplitArrow,
    html body form .RadEditor_Metro a.reToolDisabled.reTool:focus .reSplitArrow {
        pointer-events: none;
        color: #333;
        background-color: #f9f9f9;
        border-color: #e0dfdf;
<telerik:RadEditor ID="RadEditor1" Skin="Metro" runat="server"></telerik:RadEditor>


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